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1st time fundraiser

Nov 7, 2005
I have never done a fundraiser before. I will have my first one in June for Operation Christmas Child. I will be at a retirement home and set up in the auditorium for the staff and family members of residents to come by and place orders.

What do I do?? Should I set up like I would be doing a "fair" or what? I would appreciate any ideas on this!! What would be a good item to fix or do I need to fix anything at all?:confused:


Apr 18, 2005
My first fundraiser too

I'm also doing my first fundraiser for the Senior Grad Night Party. I'm doing it two ways. 1st is like a catalog show, and 2nd I will have a table set up during our local District Track Meet inside by the concession stand and restrooms. All sales from both ways are for the one fundraiser. I also made sure that I let everyone that took a packet know that the people could place an order directly on my website, and have it listed on the packets.

I did a search on here for "Dorm Room Survival Tools" and printed one and put that in the packets with the OOF, HWC specials, and Catalogs.

Best of luck on your fundraiser.
Theresia Aylward
Depoe Bay, OR


Veteran Member
Feb 20, 2006
I have been a consultant for 8 months. I just closed my first fundraiser last Wednesday, May 3. I did the fundraiser with 6 Relay for Life Team in my county. My total sales for that fundraiser was $4,482.50. I notice that the 2 teams that had me set up at their place of work did really well. I highly suggest that you just set up your products at least once so that people can come by and check them out. Set-up for 2-3 hours. You don't have to fix any food if you don't want to. I didn't because for this, I wanted people to focus on the products. If they wanted food than I would do a cooking at a later date. If you don't to many products, ask other consutlants and your director to borrow things. When people see the products and can pick them up and touch them, they love it. Some people will start telling other people what they like about the products and how they use it - sometimes they use the products for unusual things. I love spending time talking about the products and people stand and listen and then they buy, buy and buy.

I hope this helps.

Teresa Robeson #450231
Pampered Chef Consultant w/The Pampered Chef
LaVale, MD 21502
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