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1st starter month

Feb 15, 2005
I was wondering if anyone could tell me, February is my first starter month. I didn't do the $1250 in sales to earn the 1st starter package. Was this my only opportunity or can I purchase it at a discount. I searched the web site but could not find an answer.



Novice Member
Aug 13, 2004
Yes you can purchase the products in the package but not the whole package at a special discounted price (i.e. like the new Spring Sample Package). You could choose either to buy each product seperately at your 20% discount or host your own show and get the products with your host $ and % discounts. That's how I've accumulated most of my products.

Feb 25, 2005
I got a late start with my Super Starter month, originally January, so I requested to have the month changed to February and then my Jan. sales and my Feb. sales counted towards the SS month. From what I understand, this request can be made one time.

Lisa M.
Feb 28, 2005
Kit enhancement

Don't forget the kit enhancement month in April. You get 40% off items not purchased or earned up to to $500. Look in your "Recipe to Success" binder page F-7. You also get 40% off in your fourth full month(same page). :)