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1st Show Jitters....

Feb 20, 2006
This Saturday is my 1st show, I only have 3 definites but I asked for RSVP's by Wednesday so I still have a day before I start calling. The show is for friends/people I know in my neighborhood. I'm a nervous wreck!! I love Pampered Chef, I've been using it for years, I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like I'm going to forget everything about the products (if I even have anyone to talk to about them!!)

What's your best advice to calm my nerves?



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Sep 7, 2005
I was very nervous!

I was so public speaking shy I almost did not sign with TPC! But I wanted to overcome my fear as a personal growth thing. My first show I was nervous as heck, becuase it was my sister in law and she had 12 women attending! That so far has been my biggest show so far (after 4 months now)! So I made an outline (which I still use to this day) and went over it so I would not forget anything important! I still get nervous at times!

Another thing I have done to take the edge off is have a sip or two of some wine to calm my nerves. It helped me just recently.

Good luck! Best wishes to your new Business!


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Feb 20, 2006

Would you mind sharing with us your outline? I also am nervous in front of people - my first show is March 22nd - but I am hoping things go smoothly.:)


Feb 6, 2006
Practice! Make the recipe for a close friend or your family, or your pet, or even just a mirror. Speak aloud, do everything you'd do for your show. Make notes of what sounds good and what doesn't.