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1st Recruit!!

Feb 14, 2006
I am about to sign my 1st recruit! I've just been a PC consultant since Oct. '05 and I'm a nervous wreck, but also very excited about this! I don't feel like I know enough to have a recruit, but I'm going for it anyway! HA! I'm going through all of the info on the PC website and through some paperwork I've got at home, to try to get together as much info as I can so I don't sound like a total dummy when I'm signing this girl on with me! HA! My sales have not been just spectacular, but I'm trying to hold my own. This month has been extremely slow, with only 1 catalog show this month. I'm not having much success with my phone calls or when I talk face-to-face with people, so that tells me I'm not doing a very good job of pre-host coaching! I'm not giving up tho! I'm sure I can master this, I've just got to keep trying. I'm terrorfied that I'll lose out and become inactive by this summer, and I just really don't want to do that!! I'm having trouble getting bookings, but I'm reading away on this site taking in everyone's words of wisdom! I already have my Book to Look box under construction for my next home show - if I could just get another home show to show it off! HELP! :eek:


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Feb 17, 2006
My advice to you is to first, relax...don't get too wound up about everything, go with the flow. When I signed my first recruit I let her know that she was my first and that I might not have all of the answers to her questions but I will get the answers. The other thing is you could always speak with your director, she should have some great advice too.

I have also found that my recruits are a source of inspiration for me when times are tough, I have a competitive streak and don't want one of my recruits to beat me in sales or any of the like (although I am very happy for them if they do beat me). So, in my cluster we all really try to "one up" each other and it really puts the heat on and I am more likely going to try harder to book more, recruit more and have better shows. Okay, now I am rambling but, you can do this...have faith and confidence in yourself.


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Jan 21, 2005
Tell your recruit that you "have a friend who helped you get started" and ask her if the three of you can meet together so that she can help her get started on the right track too.

Of course your "friend" is your recruiter or director but isn't friend a nicer less scary word!? :p

Then you can watch how your director handles the conversation and training and learn how to be a trainer at the same time!