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1st Home Show Booth

Pampered Heather

Novice Member
Jul 5, 2005
I am doing my first home show booth on the 25th. Any ideas what I should do? What should I have with me? I have a 3 1/2 hour slot with another consultant.

I have my Super Starter Kit and I made my 1st SS bonus (in 2 shows-I was so excited) and I earned the Roasting Pan as my sign on bonus (it was like Christmas!!) I also ordered the B & C packages from the Fall products so I would have some of the great new items.



Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Home Show Booth Advice

There is a lot of great advice already listed on this forum if you do a search for "booths" or "fair"s in the upper search box, so I don't want to duplicate too much. But I will tell you to get their contact information. Whether it be through drawing slips (certainly best so that you can give free kitchen shows - explained in other posts), or a sign-up sheet to receive free newsletters (email) and coupons (mail). Phone numbers are your goal.
To profit from the booth, it is critical that you follow-up with these contacts within 1-2 days of the booth. I say it all the time - the phone is the direct line to your checking account. The phone is your friend!
Lastly, don't be too generous with catalogs unless they're older ones that you've placed stickers on the front "contact for updated, etc". You want to make money, not spend it, right!?!


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Gold Member
Apr 12, 2005
I'm doing a fair booth right now and a few things that I have learned this week from it are. Just like Rita said the contact info is very important, if you just give them a catalog and let them walk away chances are you just lost the cost of that catalog. I only brought my old catalogs, recipe cards with my info on them to hand out, and business cards. I start with "Hi, how are you today? Are you familliar with the PC? Are you working with a consultant right now?" Now if they say yes still be nice to them, and still help them. (I would never take away another consultants business but if they are unhappy with the consultant or one day that consultant quits they just may give you a call because you were so kind) Then to break the ice I show them the new product line, then ask them for their info so I can mail them a new catalog if they just want to buy something. I figure this way I can check back with them in a couple of days to see if they got their new catalog and if they need anything and when I'm doing my cc calls I have another lead to follow up with. I've also been offering the free kitchen show to everyone who books at the fair. Good Luck!!!!!!!