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Pampered Chef: 12" Steamer Recipes

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for recipes for the new 12" steamer. I've already used/seen the ones on CC, I'm looking for additional ones :) Thanks!
    Mar 17, 2015
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  2. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    Thanks for posting! I'm sorry you haven't received any responses thus far. Do you have any additional information or can you rephrase your post to make it clearer?
    Mar 20, 2015
  3. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    This isn't really a recipe...but definitely something I am planning to use my steamer for (just ordered it).

    We have free range chickens, and those girls give us LOTS of eggs. One of my biggest way to use them is to hard boil them for quick grab and go snacks that are healthy. Right now, I use our little veggie steamer insert inside of a stock pot. I want to use the new steamer to steam my eggs, so that when they are done, I can easily remove them from the pan and dunk into the cold water bath.

    (By the way, if you didn't know you could STEAM eggs to hard boil...it's awesome!! no more pots of boiling water! Steam the eggs for 20 minutes- use a timer! And then cool them off with cold water to stop the cooking. They peel beautifully! The only ones that "stick" are the same-day or day-old eggs, but the others do great, and no more gray yolks (overcooked).!!)

    I'd be curious what others are doing with their steamer.
    Apr 1, 2015
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  4. Shari in TX

    Shari in TX Member Gold Member

    I plan to use it for steamed artichokes. Our family loves them, but trying to fit 5 in a small steamer basket (especially when they are in season and huge) is a challenge. Preparing artichokes is really easy. You just
    cut the stem and discard, making sure the bottom of each artichoke is flat. Then cut the top 1 inch or so of the artichoke and discard. Snip the thorny ends from each artichoke leaf with a pair of Kitchen Shears.

    To steam them, fill the 12" skillet with a couple of inches of water. Place a steamer basket in the pan, making sure that the water does not flow over the bottom of the steamer basket. Place the artichokes in the basket, resting on the flattened bottoms. Bring water to a boil, cover the pot, and cook until the leaves can be easily pulled from the artichoke, 20 to 30 minutes.

    Some recipes will say to put lemon in the water, but I've found that keeps the artichokes from cooking as fast. I don't know why. We dip the leaves in melted butter with some crushed garlic or garlic powder added to it as we eat them. You can only eat a little bit of the outer leaves. You can eat more of the inner ones. Once you get to the choke, you carefully scoop out all the hairy bits and then you can eat the heart with more butter and garlic. Here's a step-by-step if you've never eaten one before:


    The pictures are especially helpful although the one that shows the heart still has some hairy choke bits that need to be cleaned off before it can be eaten. You can scrape those out with a spoon.

    Shari in TX
    Apr 1, 2015
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  5. Paula R. Lewis

    Paula R. Lewis Advanced Member Gold Member

    Was just wondering if I should purchase the 12" steamer or not. I don't cook artichokes, so that leaves the other veggies to "steam", or do the hard boiled eggs. Just wondering if any of you are finding it to be a "must have" in your kitchen? I have the smaller steamer from way back, and really don't use it much. There's usually only 2-3 of us for dinner these days, so I was not sure if I wanted to spend the $$ or not....Opinions, please!! Thanks!
  6. melizabeth35

    melizabeth35 Novice Member

    I know you posted awhile ago, but thought I'd throw in my .02. I have used it for eggs (and had spectacular results), but I don't get much use out of it yet and I've had it for a bit. For me, it's definitely not a "must have." It may be more useful for larger families -- I think it's great for use with the new everyday pot (the newest pot), such as in the spaghetti/meatballs recipe and the chili/cornbread one that shows off both products together.
    Feb 2, 2016
  7. melizabeth35

    melizabeth35 Novice Member

    Thanks so much, Shari for posting this -- you're breathing new life into my steamer. :) Going to do these tonight.
    Feb 15, 2016
  8. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    I have it, but don't use it much. I tend to use the microcookers and Rice Cooker Plus to steam my veggies, so that's primarily why. I think this steamer would be used a ton by people who don't like to use plastic with their cooking and/or microwaves.
    Feb 16, 2016
  9. kam

    kam Legacy Member Staff Member

    I never did get the steamer either. I agree with Babywings, I will use the microcookers to steam veggies (I usually only need enough for me). And esavvymom is right about steaming eggs. I use an electric steamer for that. I have had an elec steamer for years that I just didn't get enough use out of. Once I discovered making hard boiled eggs in it - I couldn't believe it. They turn out perfect every time and no more boiling water!

    If I had the steamer insert, I would use it to steam potstickers or tamales. I am always jerry-rigging something for this since not of my steamers aren't large enough.
    Feb 18, 2016
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