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$1000 Show

Mar 10, 2005
I thought I read somewhere that you get someting other than your commision, but I dont know where I read it or what it was. Do you recieve anything extra for doing a $1000 show? :confused:


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Nov 24, 2004
No NORMALLY nothing additional, at least for US consultants. However, you're commission level will certainly be affected, especially if you have more shows this month.

CURRENTLY there is a "special". You're probably thinking of the Show-to-Go consultant special. There is a current incentive in which you will receive the first of the three totes when your sales accumulates to $1000 between Aug 1 - Oct 31.
- Submit $1,000 and receive the Tool Turn-About Tote.
- Submit a total of $2,000 (an additional $1,000) and you'll also receive the Carry-all Tote.
- Submit a total of $4,000 (an additional $2,000) and you'll also receive the Rolling Case and complete the set!
Each tote ships as soon as your accumulates sales are achieved.


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Feb 20, 2005
Our director gives us a gold $1000 pin that has a ring on the bottom of it. I pin mine to my apron. For each $1000 show after the first we get a money bag to slide onto the ring charm holder. LOVE IT!!