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Pampered Chef: Theme Show $1000 Mystery Host Show

  1. Ok. I'm a newbie. Just got my start kit this past Wednesday. I've read several posts about the $1000 mystery host show. I have a few questions about how this works. I was thinking about offering this to friends and family that live out of the area.
    How are you able to offer 30% off each "hosts" order? Are they all put under one host? So what if all of them dont get outside orders but just want to order $100 in product for themselves? Can these be direct shipped to them or will they have to be shipped to me and then I get them out?
    I think this is a really great idea just dont know how its done or if it can be done for out of state/area family & friends.
    Thanks in advance.
    Dec 5, 2009
  2. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    I think it would be too difficult to offer it to people who live out of the area. In essence, you are combining several peoples catalog shows into one big catalog show, and the host orders are all combined into the host and co-host orders.

    Whenever I've done them, I have the show shipped to me, and then I separate out each individual hosts orders, and deliver to them....so I would be delivering to up to 10 people. I would want them to be local!
    Dec 6, 2009
  3. Thanks for the response. I get it now. Something I'm going to keep in mind for the future. Most of the people I was thinking of offering this too live out of the area which sounds like it wouldnt work really well.
    Dec 6, 2009
  4. Sheila

    Sheila Legend Member Gold Member

    I made the mistake of letting some stateside people participate last year & I had to pay to ship their items from the military base here in Japan to them in the states. This year, I only offered it to people here in Japan. :)
    Dec 6, 2009
  5. Yikes! I bet that was expensive. Thats what I didnt want to happen. Although I do wish there was a way to offer this for out of the area.

    My brother was stationed in Okinawa with the Airforce. He's now stationed in Washington. (but currently on tour in the middle east)
    Dec 6, 2009
  6. Sheila

    Sheila Legend Member Gold Member

    I absolutely LOVE it here. We asked to stay, but were told no. So we asked for mainland Japan! LOL Still awaiting orders, but the verbal orders are that we will go to mainland next. It will be 6.5 years in Japan when we finally return in the summer of 2013. (Unless we can talk them into Okinawa again after mainland.)
    Dec 6, 2009
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