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10 Reasons to Book a Show


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Apr 14, 2004
Ten Reasons to Book a Pampered Chef Show

10 Top Reasons to Book A Pampered Chef Kitchen Show!

1. Receive FREE products.
(an average host gets $45 to $75 in free products! of their choice)

2. Earn HALF-PRICE items.
( depending on ypur guest sales total you may be able to choose from 1 to 3 half-priced items from our
entire line,
3. Earn Host DISCOUNTS.
( off anything else you want to purchase, a 10% - 30% discount is offered,
4. 10% off as Our "THANK-YOU" for a full Year!

5. Taste Great Recipes.
( You get points toward free merchandise just for supplying the
ingredients! I will prepare the recipe during the show.

6. Get together and socialize with your friends.

7. Learn quick time saving tips.

8. Depending on your guest sales receive a valuable monthly bonus!

9. Shop from your seat, not on your feet!

10. It's relaxing and a really fun time!