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10 min potatoes


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May 24, 2005
im hoping someone can help me, i swear i saw on this web site a post saying take 10 mins and i can show you 10 tools with a potatoe. I may be doing a fundraiser from 8-1 and i thought that would be the easiest thing to do plus have some food out for people to sample, I did look in the search area but i could not find it if someone has that information that would be great. Thanks so much


Jun 18, 2005
Here is one. Hope this helps

Amazing Potato Demo!

18” x 22” Cutting board $22.00
V-Shaped Cutter $8.50
Crinkle Cutter $9.75
Cheese Knife $8.00
The Corer $10.25
Food Chopper $28.50
Ultimate Slice N Grate $45.00
Hold N Slice $3.50
5” SS Knife $18.75
Lemon Zester/Scorer $8.50
Deluxe Cheese Grater $19.50
The Grate Container $4.25
Tool Turn About $14.75

Showcasing a total of $201.25 in tools for the cost of a potato!
Here’s a sample show:

“I’m going to just take a few minutes to show you some of our other quality kitchen tools using this potato. You’ll have to use your imaginations from time to time because this talented potato is going to represent a LOT of other foods. Now, first it’s just going to be a potato. I’m using our 18” x 22” cutting board to protect Jen’s table AND my knives and other tools. This cutting board won’t dull your knives or your food chopper’s blades and this well around the outside holds ½ cup of liquid! That really comes in handy when you are slicing meats or watermelon!
Now I’m going to cut off the end of this potato with the Crinkle Cutter and make a ‘waffle fry’. (Cut off a small slice with Crinkle Cutter) You could fry this up in a little oil or bake some on one of our stones. This Crinkle Cutter is a really useful tool for making decorative vegetable trays and it chops up a whole head of lettuce in a snap!
Next, I’m going to put this potato in this food holder that comes with our WONDERFUL Ultimate Slice N’ Grate. These blades are really sharp and will give you paper-thin slices of potato so you can make your own potato chips! But imagine this potato is a zucchini! Won’t these thin slices be perfect for casseroles to help you get rid of all those zucchini next summer? I love fried zucchini too! (Take the remainder of the potato off the food holder) This tool is called the Ultimate Slice and Grate because you can also grate foods or make thick slices too. (Show other blades)
Now, I’ll just use the rest of this spud to make a little candleholder. I know you are thinking that I have really LOST it up here, but bear with me! Now, it’s Fall and this potato is a beautiful ripe red shiny apple! I’m going to take a small slice off of the bottom so it will sit flat - you might not have to do this with a real apple, but this is a potato. Then, I’m going to cut all the way around the apple with the V-shaped cutter to make a pretty edge. This is one of the tools that I got in my starter kit for my original $100 investment in myself. And I have to tell you that when I saw it, I thought to myself, “well, they must have had to get rid of a lot of these things so they started putting them in the Super Starter kits!” But actually the kit is made up of our top selling items and this little gem is one of them! I used it at Halloween to make perfect triangular shaped eyes on my pumpkins and at Christmas it’s really handy for aiming your sprinkles and silver decos on to your baked goods. It makes a watermelon boat or you can make a salsa server out of a green pepper. Anyway, now that I’ve gone all the way around this ‘apple’, I’m going to remove the center with our Corer. That’s where you put the candle. You can get a box of 12 plain white candles for about $3.00 and 12 apples of different colors for even less than that and you’ll have a stunning fall centerpiece that will really grab some attention!
Now, you’ll need to imagine that this potato is a hunk of cheese. A really tasty cheese like cheddar or co-jack. I’m going to use our Cheese Knife to cut off perfect slices for tasting. You can also use the pick at the end of the Cheese knife to spear chunks of cheese or pickles in a jar. (Hold the potato with the Hold N Slice, cut a chunk of potato with the SSK and spear it with the Cheese Knife point) This tool is the Hold N Slice and you should use it the way I just did to hold slippery vegetables steady on your cutting board. It also tenderizes meat with the points! You could use it as a hair pick in a pinch, but be careful, those points are really sharp!
Now we don’t have a whole lot of potato left here, but imagine if you will that it has been transformed into a lemon. I’m going to get just the zest of the lemon, not the bitter part with our Lemon Zester/Scorer. This is the perfect tool for all those times that you need lemon zest or a piece of lemon peel. Just run the Scorer part of this tool around the lemon to make a long piece of peel. Then you can tie it in a bow to decorate your lemon meringue pie or a glass of iced tea. That will really make you look like a gourmet cook!
I’m finally going to put this poor spud out of its misery by transforming it back into a potato! Now, I’m putting a small piece of it into our Deluxe Cheese Grater to make hash browns! This is a really delicious part of our Sunday breakfast and I usually grate some onion in here too. (Show how you could measure your ingredients while grating in the Grate Container.) If you don’t like your potatoes this finely grated, you can always chop it up with our Food Chopper.
This is my favorite product! Who here has a food processor? (Show of hands) And where is it? (Usually the garage or the basement) I have one too. It lives under the stairs to my basement and I use it once or twice a year. By the time I drag it out, set it up, and when I’m done using it, clean it up, I’ve used more time than it saves me by using it! THIS FOOD CHOPPER lives right in the top of my Tool Turn About and I use it once or twice a DAY! (I take it apart and show them all the different parts and what they do. Then I chop up the leftover potato.) I call this tool my “Stress Buster” and believe me, my family can tell what kind of a day I’ve had by how small the peppers and onion are in our dinner!
I work full-time during the day, so this is my FUN job. I get to meet the nicest people and see how they have decorated their homes. I get some female companionship, because I am the only girl in my house, even our cat is a male. I need to get out and talk with other women! I’m making great money and in January I went to New Orleans for free because I earned a trip with The Pampered Chef. Next year, I’m taking my husband to Montreal for a second honeymoon. We’ll never save enough money to travel, not with two kids! So, I’m going to earn a trip for us. The Pampered Chef pampers YOU in the kitchen and they pamper ME on vacation! For those of you who are interested in starting your own business with the Pampered Chef, please check that box on the top of your order form and I’ll be happy to give you some more information to take home with you. That’s the end of my demo for today, if you want a closer look at any of my tools, feel free to come and look. I take cash, check…….”

This is a great demo and it’s very cheap to do. It would be perfect for down time, while your recipes are baking too! It doesn’t matter if you have already used some of the products and they have other food on them, because no one is going to eat any part of the potato anyway!


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Jan 21, 2005
This is SO great! Thanks! I will use this next time I'm waiting for a recipe to freeze or bake!

I have a couple more products that you could add to this demo:

When talking about the cutting board mention the new bar board sets for those small cutting jobs and gifts and also mention the Bamboo Carving Board for carving cooked meats and slicing bread.

Apple Peeler Slicer Corer to make curly fries or "mushrooms". Add some oil and seasoning and bake in the Rectangular Baker.

When talking about making potato chips tell them how easy it is to put them on the Small Round Stone and cook them in the microwave in 5 minutes or on a larger stone in the oven.

Put those apple candleholders on the Simple Additions Rectangular Platter which is in either the Hospitalty Rack or the Woven Selections Rectangular Tray. You can put one of our new napkins or one of our towels between the rack or basket and the platter for an extra touch.

When talking about the cheese knife tell them this is a great utility cheese knife but if they entertain they'll want the Stainless Steel versions we carry and they can use them every day too.

When talking about the lemon zester/scorer mention that if they are making lemonade or a recipe that calls for juice the new Cirtus Press or the Jucer are great but they should zest the fruit FIRST and freeze whatever they don't need now. Also let them know that if they want the zest to be very fine or if it's for a sauce or recipe where you want that extra flavor the Microplane is their tool! Point out that the finer the zest the stronger the flavor so they would want to use less.

I'm sure everyone will think of additional tools to add! I suppose we'll just have to tell our guest that we could go on and on but I guess you want to eat this great fod we just cooked!
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