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  1. W

    Putting Items on Sale Thru Your Website (Spinoff)

    Saw this suggested in the thread looking for ideas on getting another $115 in sales and loved the idea. I am assuming they put in their orders as individual orders? If they go through the checkout process, how do you give the extra discount before it goes to Pampered Chef? Thanks for...
  2. heat123

    Website Questions??/

    Hi there- :rolleyes: I am a future PC gal and have another question re: websites would you all recommend me getting one as I sign up? Or wait awhile? I have read good things and bad as far as business being brought to them and all. What exactly can you do with them- or what are the features...
  3. J

    Announcing Website

    Is there a way to send out a mass e-invitation to your contacts to let them know that you now have a website. I kind of wanted something that looks real professional like the invitations and reminders that are already on the site. Any Suggestions? Also I want to make up a flier to pass around...
  4. M

    Personal Website Question

    I just set up a website and have a question.......what is the password that I can give my host's and what will they be able to see when going too that part of the website?? Thanks!!! Cheri
  5. jenniferlynne

    Is a Website Worth It??

    I would love to hear everyone's opinion about having a PC website before I invest in one. Does it really help your business?
  6. M

    How Do You Make Your Website Work for You??

    I just got my website 2 days ago (www.pamperedchef.biz/momoftwo) How do you use your website to increase sales and bookings and how do you promote it? They say it pays for itself..is that true? Thanks for helping a newbee out!!!
  7. C

    Individual Website Order Issues

    Does anyone who did this last winter know: 1) How do we get a copy of what/who ordered and what items were ordered so that we may do CC calls? 2) How does someone who "accidently" makes his/her order an individual order rather than correctly attaching it to a show cancel his/her order so...
  8. B

    Lets Make a Deal Website?

    I have seen a few posts about another PC site let make a deal. Does anyone know the site address?
  9. B

    I'm Thinking About Getting My Own Website. How Many of You Have a

    I'm thinking about getting my own website. How many of you have a website? Do you find it helpful to your business? Just courious if the investment is worth it. and any advice you may have about getting one. I hear they are very easy to maintain just not sure if the money is worth it. (We pinch...
  10. ChefNic

    Old Simple Additions on My Website!

    Does anyone else have the same "skin" on their website... either the greenish one or the purple one, with the Simple Additions, Ent. Set with the green rect. platter on there. I chose it because it looked nice, and I still like it best... but is there a way I can change that picture? Isn't it...
  11. C

    Website Problems

    Does anyone else have frequent problems with their website? At least 50% of the time when I am trying to add a show, revise, etc, I click the button and get the message saying the page is unavailable or has fatal errors. I have gotten orders off the site (it's paid for itself), but the...
  12. Cindycooks

    Script for Email Announcing Website

    Any ideas - I am sending out a mass e-vite tonight to all my customers. I dont want to leave out anything! A couple things I want to be sure to include is the Round Up for the Second Harvest for Hurricane Katrina and the stoneware specials. Also the new recruitment incentive. Im just having...
  13. Cindycooks

    Sept Website Changeover

    Im new with my website. Will the Sept specials be featured starting tomorrow...and does PC plan on putting something on our websites announcing the new individual ordering???
  14. Cindycooks

    I Finally Got a Website - and I Have a Question!

    Okay - how have you all that have a website advertised it? I'd like to let all my customers know. Should I just send out a mass email with a link to it? Or is it possible to go on the website and do an e-vite sort of thing? I'm still playing around with the site, but I was thinking of doing...
  15. S

    Website E-Vites

    Hello everyone I was talking with my director about my grand opening kitchen show. She said to set up my website and send out the evite. I can't figure out how to do it! Any thoughts? I probably shouldn't be trying at work anyway but.... Thanks!
  16. C

    Website Counter

    Does anyone know of a way to track the number of people on your website? I spoke with someone at conference who said that she uses a tracker that is invisible, and it just tracks who has visited the site. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this, or knows of a way we can see...
  17. W

    Website Question

    I was wondering how to do my own website. What are the costs and do you get someone that knows about computers to do it for you etc? Is it really hard to get started and for those of you that have one have you found it to be beneficial as getting more business from it? Any help in this I...
  18. C

    Help!! Hostess Having Prpblems With Website E-Invitations.

    I have a September hostess trying to send 35 e-invitations out. Her show is scheduled for 9/1. When she sends them only about 9/35 show as send. She has tried several times and is about to give up on show. She already got 1 order onlline and I think will do really well. Any suggestions to...
  19. Ann F

    ? Website Orders

    How does one keep track of fundraiser website orders? That is, can we track which student generated that order so he can get credit toward his top seller prize that I'm giving?
  20. K

    Need Advice on Website Url

    I finally got my debit card # so I can set up my website! :D I wanted to have my url as: www.pamperedchef.biz/kristen or /kristenskitchen, but both are taken. :( My last name is Leskovec, so I'm worried that /kristenleskovec might be too much for people to remember. How does it work for...
  21. N

    Having Mixed Feelings About Website Orders

    It seems like everyone else is very excited about people being able to place orders on our websites this fall (without connecting it to a party), but I'm a little worried that it might make party averages go down? Until now, people usually had to attend a party, or know someone who was having...
  22. K

    Website Photos

    Okay so I just subscribed to my website and had fun setting it all up. But why is it that most of my pictures are not appearing :confused: ?? It is getting frustrating because it works on one only one page. I think it looks so mch better with pictures! I am selecting photos from the ones...
  23. D

    Everything Is on Website!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is on the PC website now. :D
  24. G

    New Products on Website??

    I thought that pictures and information about the new products , guest and host specials, and celebrations themes were supposed to be on the website today. I don't see anything different other than the link to buy her book. Am I looking in the wrong place or is the information not there yet.
  25. B

    Orders From the Website.

    I am a bit confused about the website ordering. When a guest orders something from the website from a hostess, how are we informed. I just started mine last week and I am not sure how this all works.
  26. D

    P.c. Website

    I've been wondering if I should get an official PC Website? I've checked out some other people's and they look really good. However, I'm still getting my business started and I'm not sure if it's worth the expense at this point ($60 for 6 months or $108 for a year). For anyone who has one--does...
  27. B

    How Does Someone Order From Your Website if Thy Don't Have a Host?

    Can I tell my guest they can order from my website without having a host. I have had friends tell me they love our products but don't haave time for shows. Thanks Ginger I am glad I got it I have already had a request to see my website.
  28. P

    Pc Website

    I feel like I've spent a lot of initial investment money this month (SS#1) and I'm a little hesitant to pay for anything else. Is the website really a benefit? Do you have a lot of people visit? Is it a lot of work to maintain?
  29. S

    Website Launch

    I'm just in the middle of creating my website right now. I thought what the heck and took the plunge! After all, what's $10/month?!?! Any suggestions as to how I should launch it? I'm not even sure what my exact URL is...... Do I also get an e-mail account through it?
  30. K

    Question About Website Orders...

    My first show is on the 15th (woohoo!!), and I set it up so friends can order through my website. Is there anything special I need to do? I noticed that the website charges her $6.60 for shipping. Can the product be shipped directly to her? How do I set it up in Pampered Partner to do this?