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spring or summer

  1. srg252001

    Old Spring/Summer catalogs and Order Forms

    [FONT=Tahoma]I have a ton of old spring/summer paperwork for sale if anyone wants to use them. I have issues using old stuff when I know as a customer I would want to know and see the new stuff. And If I handed out old catalogs to save my new ones no one would know about the new stuff. So I...
  2. W

    Spring/Summer Catalogs?

    I've seen, here & elsewhere, old catalogs being sold. Am I missing something? Why would I need/want 25 old catalogs? This is only my second season as a consultant, so if I need to be stockpiling catalogs, somebody please let me know!
  3. C

    Spring/Summer Receipts

    Is there any reason to keep them? I've never changed seasons before, so I'm not sure. I can't see any reason to keep them hanging around. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sandy
  4. C

    25 Unopened Spring/summer catalogs Available

    39 Brand New Spring Summer Catalogs Available If anyone is interested, I have an unopened package of 25 spring/summer '05 catalogs available. In addition I have 14 loose catalogs. They are all brand new, unmarked. They're great for fairs, etc. Please e-mail me an offer or trade. THANK YOU. Jill...
  5. P

    Spring/Summer Catalogs

    I also have a ton of Spring catalogs that I'd like to get rid of before the Fall Season starts. Please PM me if interested and we can work out a trade or fair deal. Thanks!!
  6. P

    Extra Spring/Summer Catalogs

    Hey Everyone I have extra spring/summer catalogs that I won't be using. If anyone needs some to finish out their August shows let me know and we'll work out a deal.
  7. S

    Recipe page 14, New Spring/Summer 05 Catalogue

    Does anyone know what recipe is featured on page 14 or the new spring/summer '05 catalogue. The item on the Lift & Serve (D). One of my guests has asked what dish this is and I would like to be able to offer to make it for her at her show (try to get her to book a show). :p
  8. pcbrandy

    Recipes Pictured in Spring/Summer Catalog 2005

    I found this on the PC website under downloads. Hopefully I attached it correctly. It tells you the recipes that are pictured in the new catalog. The attachment was to large, so I'm writing it for you! Pg3 = Delicious Deviled Eggs (Chillzanne Rectangle Server~Use and Care) Pesto...
  9. K

    Spring/Summer Sample Products

    This may seem dumb but I had a question for those who have already hosted shows with the new Spring/Summer catalogs....Did you have the Spring/Summer Sample products displayed at your shows? My recruiter had them set out at a meeting and I thought it looked terrific! Do you get the same...