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    CANADIAN Tax Info

    finally... My apologies for not posting this sooner. This is the file that I use to decide what reciepts to keep & toss. Pretty much every reciept I get throughout the year is kept in my accordian folder in my office. If there are any reciepts that aren't clear (like from the $$$ store), I...
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    Show info

    I have a show booked. Everyone coming to the show has been to several. Do you still do the whole show, or just fix the food, try getting more bookings, chat and place orders?? How do you handle this???
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    Fundraiser info

    I am having a fundraiser next month. They want me to demonstrate the products. Who pays for all this food??
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    National Conference Info

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and was hoping maybe someone could share all the excitement from conference with me. I am military overseas and was not able to make it there. I will also be leaving On Monday morning and won't have access to a computer for three weeks and would love to know...
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    Concerning Debit card info

    I was wondering how long it takes to get your debit card from PC. I am afraid I won't get it before my show. Will they notify me by e-mail, or do they just notify my bank. My bank said it sounds like a drafting system since it can only be used for PC. Sorry for so many questions I do not have...
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    Info on Professional cookware/Generation II

    I am new to this. I will be having my first show in 10 days. I had a friend ask me if the cookware can be used on a flat surface stove. She had a pot that was smooth on the bottom and it kept making a popping noise. She only uses one with a coil on the bottom of the pan. Does PC have a...
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    Looking for info

    I am new to the forum. I had seen sometime last week that if I gave someone my email address that they could send me show ideas that I could download. Please let me know who you are and I will get me email address to you. I am looking to get some new and exciting show ideas.
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    Couples Cookoff info and invitation

    Attached is a copy of an invitation for a couples theme show as well as some couples ideas. The couples shows I have done are Couples Cookoff show. The men make one recipe while the women make another recipe. If there are kids there, they just the winner. I judge for appearance and...
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    Looking for Open House Info

    I just found this Forum totally by accident and am sooo glad that I did. I have literally been sitting here for almost 2 hours reading through the forums. I know....I know.....I should be on the phone! Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone has an invitation for an Open House I am having...