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    Buying ISO Conference Bag 2004

    My plastic is ripping and I would still love to use this bag as my purse. The conference bag from this year is a bit too bulky for a purse, but I will use it as a briefcase. Thank you, Sandra Kearns Future Director [email protected] www.pamperedchef.biz/sandrak
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    Fall 2004 napkins

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Fall 2004 Napkins and table runner in the colors of the SA Entertaining set they want to sell. Have a host that fell in love with the colors and would like a set.
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    Sales Hi everyone,I have just gone through a very bad year, 2004. Due to

    Hi everyone, I have just gone through a very bad year, 2004. Due to personal problems and illness in my family my Pampered Chef Business has taken a back seat. I am now trying to jump start my business back up. I have done fairs, followed up on any leads, did a mystery host show, out of...