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  1. blarrabee

    Run of Bad Luck

    Thanks Ladies! I am currently planning a get together with my friend who is a Scentsy Consultant and another friend who is a Papparazzi Consultant to do an open house. All of us are having the same problem getting bookings. So this may be a way for us to get some parties.
  2. blarrabee

    Run of Bad Luck

    I am having a really long run of bad luck. I haven't been able to book a single party since December, I did have 1 catalog show in February with sales at $180. I'm still getting push back about having to pay the holiday debt off. I've tried everything. I've called everyone I know, even booked my...
  3. blarrabee

    "Changeover box" explained

    No, I was ordering on the Beta Site, and I was also trying to use my PC dollars, and I just read somewhere that I can't use my PC dollars if I am inactive. So I will wait till I submit my show next weekend and then place an order for my catalogs using my PC dollars. Now to figure out if I'll be...
  4. blarrabee

    "Changeover box" explained

    My question may have already been asked but I am not clear on an answer, so I'll ask it and since this is my 2nd change over with PC I'm not entirely clear on how everything works... If I was active in December (5 shows submitted) but not active in January (0 shows submitted) will I receive a...
  5. blarrabee

    2 Week Sales Club

    Sorry I deleted it! Thanks for telling me!
  6. blarrabee

    2 Week Sales Club

    If this is against a policy count me out I don't want to break any rules.
  7. blarrabee

    2 Week Sales Club

    sorry Count me out! :chef: Barbara Larrabee
  8. blarrabee

    Facebook Parties

    I too have gotten this kind of reaction from the guests who were invited. I simply did what you did and I apologized through their public comment as well! I never meant to upset anyone. I also posted a polite post to the rest of the other guests advising them that I do post daily with recipes...
  9. blarrabee

    Cheat Sheet Desiree Rose has for Facebook

    Can You add me Please? My name is Barbara Larrabee;)
  10. blarrabee

    Kit Enhancement details for New Consultants?

    Hi everyone, Just an FYI, I am a consultant who signed on July 16th, I contacted the HO and was told that my 4th month is in November and that the 30 day extension does not apply to my KE Month. So my KE month is next month! I can't wait to spend my PC dollars on the things I want so badly. :love:
  11. blarrabee

    Always Invite Frank Flyer

    I always include this flyer in my host packets. I wasn't sure if one like this already existed here so I am posting my copy to share with others:chef:.
  12. blarrabee

    ISO Sprinkles

    I am specifically looking for the Sweet Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles. If any one has some they can spare please contact me, [email protected]
  13. blarrabee

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
  14. blarrabee

    Facebook Liking Club

    Re: Liking Club Can I be added to this liking club? My facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/cheflarrabee