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    Gift Giving Ideas and Flyers

    With all the great new holiday gift giving flyers and present idea flyers coming out I am excited to display them at my shows. I am wondering though how everyone generally displays them. I am going to give everyone a holiday mini with a full size catalog. I have in the past just layed out the...
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    Cookie Press Cookie Party

    Oh yikes! I just got a booking for a lady who really wants to do a cookie party! She wants to demo the cookie press since it is the November guest special. I have heard many people do this type of show as theme show party. I am a little intimidated though. I have not ever done this type of show...
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    Guest from show sent a fb friend request

    Anyone ever get a friend request on facebook from a past guest? I just did and I am not sure I really want to accept her. She was a bit strange at the show she attended and asked some wierd questions. Well the questions were not so much wierd but how she asked them and that she kept asking the...
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    Recruiting Promotion

    Anyone know if there will be a new recruiting promotion for July? Was there one announced at conference? I have a lady signing this week and always seem to miss whatever promo is going on. I am either just before or just after. Thought I would ask around see if its worth waiting a week to sign...
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    How do tell what level we will hit in SAT

    Does anyone know how we figure our SAT totals to see where we will fall? I am very close to second level. I will be submitting tonite and want to know how I figure the total amount. Is it by guest sales or commisionable sales. I may have to spend $5 myself to hit second level. Worth it but I...
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    15 minute fajeta's! ?Double Recipe?

    Just Curious if anyone has tried to double the 15 minute fajeta recipe?? Does it is still cook as well? Is it longer cook times? Thanks in advance. JEN
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    Anniv. Auction Show

    Anyone have any experience with an auction style show? I am planning my 1 year anniversary show as an auction type show. I attached a copy of the invite I am planning to mail out to past hosts, past guests, friends, family and co-workers. I am hoping that the invite conveys the message of what...