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    Peanutty Chocolate cake

    I have made this twice as directed and thought it was DRY--I used the box cake mix and the sour cream mixture---but not the water and oil---am I doing something wrong---1 time I used a little water and 2 tbsp oil and still seemed dry--even tho I didn't eat it that time HELP:D I'm making it...
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    Any Feb. Fundraiser order forms??

    I am in need today of one---the form I have talks too much about the business opportunity and not sure I want a lot of that on the form:D
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    Can HOSTS apply FPV to new kit?

    Just updating my flyers for hosts only--do they get to take any $$ off a kit like before??I haven't read that anywhere thanks:D
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    Anyone know where our products are made?!

    I have a new recruit with a customer who says her old measuring spoons say Made in the USA but her new set says made in China--she said it won' t deter her from buying but wondered where stuff was made????:D
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    Consultant gift receipt in PP

    I know it has been on here-I am trying to print out a receipt in PP--I used the "consultant gift" button to show she didn't pay for all products--but when I print it out it shows she paid--it doesn't say consultant gift anywhere on receipt help!:D thanks
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    July/Aug recruiting flyer help

    :D I would like to know if anyone has a great recruiting flyer yet for those in July /Aug we are wanting to at least TRY our business--letting them know what is in it for THEM at this time--and that they get a chance to buy all new FALL products at 1/2 off---I am so no good at the computer or I...
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    How to put Pampered Chef on a resume

    I have a fairly new consultant whose hubby just got laid off---she stays home with the 2 kids--but now she needs a full time job--won't be able to get a teaching job til sept.---how do u really play up Pampered Chef on the resume??!! I don't know that she has the time and resources to really...