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  1. whiteyteresa

    Urgent Deep Covered Baker

    I am not at home to check my files, could someone tell me the last time the Deep Covered Baker was on Sale for A GUEST to buy??? A host to buy??? Thanks - I have someone here with me that wants one but said that they heard that it was on sale recently for a cheap price for a guest...
  2. whiteyteresa

    How does this work?If a friend has a paypal account that she pay

    How does this work? If a friend has a paypal account that she pay bills through - can I go to my paypal account and send her money by using her e-mail address? :blushing:
  3. whiteyteresa

    Urgent Local Story I want to share

    Search ongoing for dog with nose, mouth duct-taped Local News Cumberland Times-News (I hope this link works) This was first posted on Facebook 2 days ago. So sad - They need to find out who did this and well I will keep my opinion to my self :eek:
  4. whiteyteresa

    Need a few prayers, Please

    I wasn't feeling good on Saturday evening and then about 11 am on Sunday I got worse. I asked my husband to help me get dressed and I went to the hospital. When I finally got back in a room in the ER - the doctor told me that it wasn't good. I had a heart attack. They admitted me and early...
  5. whiteyteresa

    Bamboo Flyer

    What do you think ? ? ? I have added another flyer for grilling I need to know before I print it for a set-up today -(Saturday) :chef:
  6. whiteyteresa

    Question about advestering on Facebook

    I am doing a vendor event on November 7th, and the lady in charge is letting people know that she is doing this event and she put on there that Pampered Chef will be a vendor there. That is all she wrote. That is okay right ? ? ? She didn't mention me, my website, or even pc website...
  7. whiteyteresa

    Please Pray

    I can't get into details but I need your prayers A lot of things has been happening around here and things aren't getting better. I might have to move with just the stuff I can put into my van. Not sure where we are going but at this point things can't get worst (at least I hope not)...
  8. whiteyteresa

    Any Flyer about Stoneware

    Any Flyers about Stoneware Post any flyers about Stoneware that you have - recipes, uses, announcing 20% off sale, etc. This is the perfect time to post them so that we can start using them. After my computer crashed last October I lost a lot of stuff - now I can't find some of the flyers...
  9. whiteyteresa

    Humor YouTube Video - Don't Send a man to the Grocery Store

    YouTube - Jeanne Robertson "Don't send a man to the grocery store!" This is so true - I think her husband and mine shop together :blushing:
  10. whiteyteresa

    Dorm Room Survival Booklet

    I took a flyer off of here and changed it just a bit What do you think ? ? ? Did I leave any important products out ? ? ? I plan to fold it according style UPDATE: I changed out the cheese knife and put in the bowl. I changed the knife case to say 5 year guarantee :chef:
  11. whiteyteresa

    Recruiting Busniess Card

    What do you think of this card ? ? ? You print on one side and then flip over and print on the other You then use a paper cutter and cut them out the size of business cards Do you think they look okay - the little red circle doesn't show that well or do you think it is okay ? ? ? Let...
  12. whiteyteresa

    Religion I had a Drug Problem when I was young

    I was hoping to copy and paste the article into this post but I couldn't - I have it in Word - If someone else can post it right in the thread - I would apprectiate it. Thanks and enjoy :angel::chef::angel:
  13. whiteyteresa

    Booking/Recruiting Slide Question

    I was just checking out the booking/recruiting slide on page 18 of the July Consultant News on CC and I like the pictures on them. My question is - Did she make this on her own or did she find those exact slides (pictures and all) on CC somewhere ? ? ? I think those slides really look...
  14. whiteyteresa

    Consultant Connection

    I am having problems bringing up Consultant connection is anyone else ? ? ? :chef:
  15. whiteyteresa

    Sets to increase show sales

    My director sent this to me at the beginning of the month What do you guys think ? ? ? :chef:
  16. whiteyteresa

    Letter for Backorder

    Does anyone have a letter that I can give to guests that have an item on Backorder ? ? ? I told the guest that the pineapple wedger was on backorder until May 26 (that is the day that I submitted the show) and now is June 9th I will be delievering the products on Thursday and I want them...
  17. whiteyteresa

    Gift/Donation Help

    I need help – no medical degree required:D I have a booth setup on Saturday – last minute notice Because it is last minute – I can’t think of anything I have these items listed below and I need to come up with gift ideas – Mother’s Day (Gift Certificate maybe $10) and 2 donations for...
  18. whiteyteresa

    Need Info on Butterflies

    I bought my daughter a Butterfly Hut for Easter from Bugville - I hope you know what this is. https://www.spindirect.com/product_order.php?productid=16423&s=bugville I actually bought 2 containers of caterpillars My questions is this - my daughter just saw 2 sets of butterflies hook...
  19. whiteyteresa

    Bea Arthur Died at Age 86

    Golden Girl and Maude died today of Cancer I Loved her :cry:
  20. whiteyteresa

    Outlet Changed

    It has the Professional Cookware on it :chef:
  21. whiteyteresa

    Humor Coffee Machine

    I don't know if this has been posted before Let me buy you a cup of coffee. 1. CLICK ON THE LINK (Zoom-flash) BELOW 2. PUT THE COIN IN THE VENDING MACHINE 3. CHOOSE YOUR DRINK 4. CLICK ON THE CUP WHEN IT IS READY 5 CLICK ON 'open' Don't forget to click on 'OPEN' in the last box...
  22. whiteyteresa

    Another HWC Order Form

    What do you guys think of this :chef: I hope you can open and view this okay
  23. whiteyteresa

    Flyer - Healthy Eating Products

    I know I saw a flyer on here with products that help in healthy cooking/eating. I have gone through the file twice (I know I missed it somewhere) I just can't find it - could someone help me. I have a lady who wants me to display a table at a marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. She said that...
  24. whiteyteresa

    Easter Poem or Small story

    I am looking for a Easter Poem, saying or small story for my daughter The last couple of years I have been making some bookmarks to hand out at church for holidays. Years ago I handed out postcards with a tiny bag of jelly beans attached for Easter and then a realized that wasn't really what...
  25. whiteyteresa

    Products under $20 or $25 fundraiser

    How would I do this? ? ? I had a group (young teens) ask me if they could sell only certain products for a fundraiser I told them yes and ask them what they had in mind They said 2 things (these are start kids because this is what they came up with – Selling products that are priced...
  26. whiteyteresa

    I am going on Vacation at Jellystone Park

    This year was going to be the year I take my daughter to Ocean City, Maryland but my husband lost his job on January 8th - which happens to be my daughters birthday. But any way, we decided to take a different vacation this year, something a little way from home but not expensive but fun. So I...
  27. whiteyteresa

    Contract for Booth Signup

    I am in charge on putting together a spring/summer multi-vendor event to help raise money for The relay for life. Does any one have a contract or could some one do one up for me ? ? ? If need be, I change a few words to fit what I need - I just need help coming up with words What I...
  28. whiteyteresa

    Released for Picking

    The show that I submitted last night at 9:11 pm eastern time is showing Released for Picking when did they start that WOW :chef:
  29. whiteyteresa

    Urgent Mexican Chicken Lasagna

    What is the oven temp and time to bake :chef:
  30. whiteyteresa

    Thank you so much

    Greg Thank you so much and sorry this happen on your trip You're AWESOME Thanks again Teresa :chef: