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    US to Canada recruit

    Wow...I never knew about the International Referral program - very cool! Chef Kelebel, I'm in Western Canada, and on a team with some pretty great things happening right now. We could take good care of your lead - either directly or hospitalitly!
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    Storing Waffle Batter overnight

    I've never tried it myself AJ, but I've heard that storing the batter in the fridge overnight makes the waffles turn out really nice and fluffy! :)
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    Mexican Chicken Napoleons

    When I cook the chicken I season it with the Chili Lime Rub. It really adds to the recipe!
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    Canadian Flyers with DCB special

    Thanks for thinking of us! :)
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    Kit Enhancement 2011 (and in general)

    Thanks for sharing! I'll be sending this out to my team. :)
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    Big announcement being made tomorrow

    Me too! Me too! (please) :o
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    Big announcement being made tomorrow

    From what I can see, our career plan in Canada is going to remain the same (for now). The plan listed on Canada's CC is still dated to start March 1, 2010, and it doesn't look like any of the plan details have changed from what they are now.
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    Are there any real videos??

    Is there anyone in your cluster, maybe your director, who would let you shadow one of their shows? It's amazing how much you can learn from watching another consultant in action!
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    Professional vs Executive Cookware

    I say definitely! I've been using mine at all my shows lately - and I'm loving the results! Selling at least 1 per show (plus the grill press!) at full price, and booking lots of shows because of it to! :D
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    Professional vs Executive Cookware

    I'm in Canada....we have the grill pan on our outlet. Maybe our outlet is different? Thanks for the information ladies - you're all awesome!:chef:
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    Professional vs Executive Cookware

    Can anyone tell me what the major differences are between the old Professional cookware and the Executive cookware? I have a customer who purchased the Executive grill pan at her friend's show last week, but just now saw the Professional grill pan on the outlet and is thinking about returning...
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    Ever have THAT show?

    I think I'm definitely going to do that from now on! :)
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    Ever have THAT show?

    "That" show for me happened just a few weeks ago. The only 2 guests were the host's mother and mother-in-law - both of whom are over 80 and needed walkers to get around. The host's kitchen was about the size of my closet, and the counter tops were piled with dirty dishes. For my demo I used a...
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    Potential host wants party on a date I can't do

    It is a little bit odd to be asked such a question. Not sure whether or not you'd be obligated to follow through with this or not. Obviously, best case scenario is she'll call you back and book for Aug/Sept. However, if she insists on July 22, I also happen to live in Edmonton (I'm in...
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    New recruit hasn't done anything

    Ummm...I just re-read my post. What I should have said was a "wed" mother who has a husband/partner/boyfriend/common-law etc who can share childcare duties. I definitely didn't mean that only husbands are able to be supportive. ;)
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    New recruit hasn't done anything

    Maybe what she meant was that once the baby arrives, it will be quite difficult for this recruit as a single mother to find the time to work her business - as opposed to a "wed" mother who has a husband who can share childcare duties. I know it would be A LOT more difficult for me to do...
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    Do you go to recruit's Grand Opening?

    Wow Sheila - that is fantastic! Congrats on such a great year (and it's not even half over yet!) I'd love to have that kind of success - I've gone from 0 in my downline to 5 since Feb. 1st, but they're all 1st generation. I'm aiming for a quick promotion to directorship, which means my recruits...
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    Do you go to recruit's Grand Opening?

    And if so, what kind of role do you take when you're there? I just listened to the Promote Leaders Pronto resource on Consultant's Corner, and am wondering what others out there have done - what has worked, what hasn't?
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    Triple points

    Just saw on the newswire (for Canada - but up to this point our dates have been the same as the US) that triple points dates last week were May 16 and 21. I'm really striking out so far - I've submitted 5 shows, but haven't managed to hit any of the triple points! Oh well, still 2 more...
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    Replacing garlic press cleaning tool

    I have a customer whose garborator ate her garlic press cleaning tool, so I'm in the process of ordering a replacement part, but not sure if I should order the new tool or the old one. She has the old garlic press -which I've never seen before. Does the new cleaning tool store in the handle of...
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    Rant So Close yet so far.... team leader

    I've got the exact same thing going on! I've got 3 girls that were all so ready to sign - 2 of them even had their 4 parties booked! But due to various circumstances (family commitment, migraine, trip), we had to postpone the actually sealing of the deal. And now I can't get a hold of any of...
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    3 recruits and a ticked host!

    Had a CRAZY party tonight! 1 recruit signed, meeting with 2 more tomorrow (they would have signed tonight, but silly me didn't have enough consultant agreement forms with me!). So, 3 recruits from one party. Sweet! :D Here's the issue: one host (it was a co-hosted party) is a bit ticked...
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    What do I buy?

    I think besides the DCB, I would definitely recommend getting a Forged Cutlery Santoku (either 5 or 7"), tool turn about, and another cutting board (I really like the large grooved - nice and big!). SS mixing bowls would be great too, but if you can't afford it after all the other stuff, I'd...
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    Is the salad spinner supposed to wobble

    LOL...my 4 year old also thinks it's great entertainment! Keeps her occupied almost the whole time I'm making dinner! :)
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    Is the salad spinner supposed to wobble

    When the spinner is spinning with food in it, is it normal for it to really wobble on the countertop? Mine starts wobbling after about 3 pumps, and it wobbles enough that it makes the whole countertop vibrate!
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    Salad choppers vs kitchen shears

    I've had a few customers ask me what the choppers can do that the shears can't and vice versa. Which is better, which is more versatile? I don't have the choppers yet, so I haven't been sure how to answer.
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    S/S catalogs

    Thank you! :)
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    S/S catalogs

    This is maybe a dumb question, but I just want to double check on this. For my shows that I have booked in early March, is it ok for me to be giving them the new catalogs now so they can get started on outside orders? Or are they top secret until Mar. 1? TIA
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    Kick off letter

    Congratulations! It's a great idea to let everyone know about your business - however, I would definitely recommend phoning people instead of sending out a letter. You'll have a way better chance of getting some bookings on your calendar that way. Good luck!