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    Ok let's guess the new products

    Little salad chillzanne I really liked that little salad lunch size chillzanne that they never got enough of to make it go last spring. And WHAT WILL THEY DO FOR ROUND UP???? I hope it is something really great. I really feel so great about promoting Second Harvest. :) And maybe, hopefully...
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    Flyer for Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

    apple recipes Hey, I don't have a flyer, but I do have this collection of apple recipes and most of them call for the A/P/C/S. I know you can make curly potato fries with it too...there must be some kind of cool little guide someone has already made up somewhere! I would be interested in it...
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    Outide Order Forms

    Generic OOF 2 per page Hey, I have a few open house situations that I am taking part in and I am not sure how many order forms I was going to need.....so I made up a half sheet size that will work through Feb. Includes the temp receipt that has been really nice to give to guests. Hope you all...
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    Theme Show Extravaganza

    I use the PC invitations but print an address label that includes time/date where info. It also includes the monthly special. It takes me just a couple min to print out the labels and the host just has to either hand out or address cards for mailing. I do this in Print Shop,but I think you...
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    Host letter to share

    Hello All! Just wanted to share a couple letters/flyers that have been helpful to me! The wording is borrowed from someone else and just tweeked for the month. ;) Trish Central FL