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    Has this happened to you?

    I can't seemed to get excited about my PC business. I started a new job in September and it has been a difficult adjustment. I have had 1 or 2 shows a month sense then, with fairly good sales. In December I had 1 show that was almost $1000, and 6 bookings, that should have made me want to jump...
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    12 minute cake recipes for the microwave

    I had some recipes for diffeerent cakes for the microwave. Does any one know where to find them?
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    Survivor night

    I was wondering if any one has ever tried doing a survivor show on the night survivor is showing. I have alot of friends that won't miss this show for anything. I was thinking, why not tivo the show. Have a theme show similar to survivor, then when the food is ready to eat, watch survivor...
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    I got my cake mixes today

    I have not tried them yet but I can not imagine what can possibly make this taste like it is worth $8, for one 9 in one layer cake. I am waiting to cook this cake until something special comes up. Just curious about how every one feels.
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    I messed up an order in August, What can I do?

    I was trying so hard to get an order in that I forgot to order the free cookbooks. I didn't realize it until the host called me. Do you think I can order them now ? I hope so. I have to order 3 cookbooks. I ordered with PP, so they should be able to see the orders I think. Thanks alot.
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    Pampered Partner Problems "Help"

    I tried to transmit an order last night and it said my oder tranfer file was closed. It said to check my ports, but my internet is working fine. I ma able to get online without any trouble. I really need to order my show I don't know what to do. Help if you have had this problem ever please tell...
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    I need some organizing tips for PC items.

    I could really use some tips on what you all do with your Pampered Chef items between shows. I have quite alot since I started in July. I have received both super starters and the bonus gifts. I have an office but I feel like I am getting overwhelmed with PC. My director told me not to order...
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    Question about Host order

    I have a question about my host order. My host had only a $200.00 show so she gets $25.00 free PC and 20% off. My question is If she orders $50.00 more than the $25.00 free merchandise, will that count as commision sales. I am $350.00 away from my SS2. If I add in her show at $200.00 then her...
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    The fear factor!

    I really don't know how to overcome this problem of maintaining my motivation. I know that with sales you have to keep yourself motivated, and most of the time I do ok. The problem is when I get a few bad responses from people I become fearful that everyone is going to respond that way. I really...
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    Pampered Partner Question.

    When I have a show I enter the guest first, then the order, Then I add The Host at the end of the show. My question is shouldn't I add the Host first so I can have her already entered in PP? I am a little unsure of my process.
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    Cracked stone?

    I have a customer in another state that recieved a cracked stone. I have her receipt on PP. I don't know what to tell her can someone help?
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    I've been invited to do a fair. I accepted now what?

    Can anyone give me some good advice on doing a fair. I am new and I don't have any idea what to do. I suppose I should have treats and brochures and catalogs, but I am clueless as to what to do. Thanks for your help. I am thinking seriously about quitting my full time job and working a part time...
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    Question about making outside order form

    I have used the outside order form from July and August that was posted on this website, I would like to try to make one myself. I can't figure out where you download your pictures from. Can any one help me with this?
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    Supply orders

    This is my first supply order since starting PC. I really don't know what to order other than catalogs and PP reciepts. I am going to order door prizes, and recipe cards. I started to order from PP and my shipping was $8.32.Why is it only $3.50 on the order form? My director told me not to...
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    Supply order form?

    This may sound like a stupid question but, I need supplies and I am not sure how to order them on pampered partner.Do I have to order them with a show? How can I get a list of supplies, I don't think one came with my starter kit. I need PP receipts really bad and I can't wait for long to order...
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    What is the host special for September ?

    I am booking shows for September and I don't know what the host specials are for September. I saw the one for the consultants but that is all. Thanks for the help.
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    I am so amazed at this great opportunity.

    I know how encouraged I was when I first started just one short month ago to read all of the postings on this website. I was afraid and a little bit unsure if my age would slow me down, I am 55 and my memory is not like it once was. I wondered if I would be able to remember all that I read and...
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    Web Site Information for town & country

    I need the website info for town and Country and Nancy's Artwork. I think I may have had it at one time but I can't find it. Thanks
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    I am so embaarrased!

    when I signed up I was told that every guest that attended my shows got free samples from PC. I told every one that at the 3 shows I have had so far. When my host received her order she said she was the only one that got the samples. I don't know what to tell everyone except somehow I...
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    Help! I need an answer about my host order

    At my show my host ordered $50 dollars worth of products. Her show total was $400. If I take her order offf and add it to her host order doesn't that lower her show average. She picked out $60 dallars worth of free product and 2 1/2 price items. I don't know what to do. Please respond quickly...
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    This has been a great week.

    Well I just had to share this, I made my SS1 with 3 shows. I got a recruit and I have several more bookings for August. I know they said to try to get recruits in July, but I am not sure what the benifits are. Did they tell about this at conference. I am now working toward my August sales. This...
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    Orders from the website.

    I am a bit confused about the website ordering. When a guest orders something from the website from a hostess, how are we informed. I just started mine last week and I am not sure how this all works.
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    This may sound stupid but

    I can't figure out how to tell my customers to order from a host on my website. When I type my host name in nothing happens. I think I there should be a place for me to imput the data, or does the PC website do this after you turn in a show. I have a show coming up and the hostess wants her...
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    Entering bookings in PP

    When I enter a show in pampered partner, if the guest changes the date of the booking you enter is that a problem. I put a date in and my guest wasn't sure she would be off work that night. I am so relieved I entered my first show in PP tonight. Thanks for all your support on this board. I hope...
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    Mystery Hostess went great.

    This was my 2nd show and I invited 10 people, not to ambitious I know but I was very nervous. I had 7 people show up and only one brought orders, so she got to be the hostess. The great thing was I had over $500 in sales and she is getting some orders at the bank she works at today, and closing...
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    How does someone order from your website if thy don't have a host?

    Can I tell my guest they can order from my website without having a host. I have had friends tell me they love our products but don't haave time for shows. Thanks Ginger I am glad I got it I have already had a request to see my website.
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    It pays to ask everyone.

    My husband was visiting court today, he had to pick up some papers from the secretary of the judge. He told her his wife was doing Pamperd Chef now and she ask for a catalog and wants to order some things for the people in her office. I could'nt belive it. She called him after he left and asked...
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    Web Site Information

    I am going to start the PC web site . I was hoping someone could tell me how it is working for them. I work at a University and we are on the computer most of the time. I think it will be worth the investment but I am also very leary of setting it up. I would appreciate any suggestions Thanks,
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    My first show, was a sucess

    I had my first show last night and only 4 people came. My host got alot of outside orders though and it was over $300. I got 3 bookings 2 shows and 1 catalog. Yea! I did the Tapas and they loved it. Thanks for all of the encouragement of this board. I made alot of mistakes, but on average I...
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    Ist Show tommorow night.

    Tommorow night is my first show and I need to call my host and see how everything is going. I am not sure what to say to her, if she is discouraged about people backing out. I am good friends with this girl but I still want to be professional and upbeat on this call. Are there any formats that...