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  1. cla519

    Free receipts #

    Does anyone know the number for the free receipts in Canada?
  2. cla519

    Need dessert for 40 people

    I am trying to find a recipe for a dessert for at least 40 people for a BBQ that I was invited to at the end of July. I wasnt something that will WOW them. Any suggestions?
  3. cla519

    Have a return question

    I have a customer that bought the Ultimate Slice and Grate a year ago and has told me she really doesn't like it and would like to know if it can be returned for something else. Does anyone know the answer to this?
  4. cla519

    Braid like apple pie?

    I have a custome that had been to a show awhile ago and the consultant made a braid with apples and raisons. She said it was kind of like an apple pie but in the cresents. Does anyone know if this is a PC recipe? If it is do you know where I can find it?
  5. cla519

    Bamboo Spatula Problem

    Has anyone had trouble with these splitting? I have one customer who has returned her's twice and I told her I would look after the problem. Well they sent me another pair and guess what? One of them was cracked in half right in the package. This lady was thinking of doing a show and is now...
  6. cla519

    Anyone want free chocolate?

    Nestle chocolates are coming out with a new chocolate for baking. If you join the chocolatier club and goto contests and promotions they will send you a free bag. Here is the link. http://nestlechocolatier.fanfly.net/?C1853_533518
  7. cla519

    Baked Benedict in a Stone?

    Does any one know if I could do this recipe in a stone? I'm doing it for our cluster meeting tomorrow night.
  8. cla519

    Visual impact web address?

    I can't seem to find the web site to visual impact. I had it in my favorites but my computer crashed and lost it all and I can't find the address now.
  9. cla519

    Good Books to read on Direct sales?

    Can anyone recomend any good direct sales books? I have read Doris' book. Any others?
  10. cla519

    Anyone got a duplicate order?

    I just recived a show and had two boxes with the identicle items in. Has this ever happened to any on you? They told me this was a first. I have orders delivered to me for the extra customer service, thank goodness otherwise the host would have been very confused. They didn't even have the...
  11. cla519

    Confidence in talking to strangers

    I receive these emails from thesuccessfactory.com and are very helpful. This is a subject that I have trouble with and thought others might benifit from it! Recently we received the following email… I would like some information on how to build my confidence when talking to strangers. I...
  12. cla519

    Molten Lava Cakes

    Does anyone have a recipe for molten lava cakes that are made in the Prep bowls?
  13. cla519

    Can host get free spreader?

    Does anyone know if a host from a show can get the free spreader? she's spent $135 with half priced items and host specials. Does that count for spending the $75 to get it free?
  14. cla519

    When EAD changed?

    I have a customer who needs a replacement part for her ead and it is 2 years old. Would I be able to get her that part or did they change the design since then. I've only been doing this since April so I have no idea.
  15. cla519

    Two step fudge

    I have bought bulk amount of choc Chips. How many cups do you think the pre-packaged bags hold?
  16. cla519

    November newsletter

    I took one of the newsletters from the US and revised it.
  17. cla519

    Any one have PC pampered bride flyer??

    Does anyone have the PC flyer for this and can you scan and upload or send directly to me? I thought I ordered the flyers and I ordered the tape by mistake. I really wanted one for the craft sale I'm doing tomorrow. Thanks
  18. cla519

    Don't have PC sign for craft sale?

    I don't have a PC sign or table cloth for a craft sale I am doing next weekend and no one to borrow one from. Do any of you have any suggestions what I could do? I was thinking of taping the PC bags to the front of the table and I have made a poster with some pictures that I have taken out of...
  19. cla519

    Bamboo Carving Board problem??

    I use it last night to carve our turkey and after cleaning it I found there was two big knife marks and a scuff mark on it. I used just a reg. carving knife on it. Wasn't too impressed to find these on it. I was a little scared to used it in the first place as it looked too pretty to use. I...
  20. cla519

    Free kitchen show recipes

    I did a garage sale today and put a draw box for a gift certificate and 5 free kitchen shows. Had 15 people put in for the draw and got 7 maybe to have a show. I was going to call everyone and tell them they'd won the free kitchen show(except one for the $15 certificate) and was wanting to do...
  21. cla519

    Mini Catalogue

    Could anyone tell me about how the mini catalogue is set up. It say's it's a mini version or the big one. Is there pictures of all the products or just the new ones? Cheryl Winnipeg MB