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    Latest with my Mom - Please Pray for her

    Hi All, I wanted to ask for some prayers tonight for my mom. We are going to take her to the ER. She had her biopsy on Thrusday and she has been getting worse since. Not that we think that any of what is going on is from the procedure. She wants to wait and go see her doctor on Monday but my...
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    Prayers for my Mom...

    Hi Everyone, I would love it if you could say some prayers for my mom. She is having some problems right now and tomorrow night she will have an MRI. She was told by her primary doctor (she had a cat scan on Tues.) that she has some nodules (sp) on her liver. My mom has gone through a lot...
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    First $1,000.00 Show!!!

    I am so excited I had my first $1000.00 show Friday Night!!!!:D A friend of mine had the show for me and she told me the her last show a few years aog was over $1200.00 so I was hoping to have a good show. I only got one person that said they might have a show on her door prize slip. I was...
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    Need recipe for S'more Galore

    Does anyone have this recipe, I had it today at a show I did and the host said it was in the Delightful Desserts cookbook.
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    Colds & Kitchen Shows

    I have a cold :( and I also have a show tomorrow night. I was just wondering what other consultants do when they are under the weather and still have to do a show. I don't want to be sneezing or coughing during my show but I also don't want to not do the show. I plan on taking some good...
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    Need Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas

    I want to get my son's teacher a pampered chef gift for Christmas but I am not sure what to get her. She is young maybe 25 -28 and she is not married, she lives in a apartment I think with a few friends. I was thinking of some simple addition pieces, but I was wondering what other consultants...
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    Got my Roasting Pan today!!!

    I am so excited I got my roasting pan, tool turn about carrier and my braclet today :D . The roasting pan is so nice, I wish I did not have to go to a Christening on Sunday or I would be making a roast for sure.
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    Super starter dessert

    I was wondering what type of dessert is good to make with the ss kit. I have been making the garden veggie pizza and eveyone loves it. But I have a show set for 10/27 and this person did not like the pizza when she had it at a show of mine last month. She would like me to make a dessert...
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    Real Estate Offices

    I was looking at the flyers and saw the one used to send to real estate offices offering the gift baskets. I love the idea and was wondering if anyone has used it and received sales from it. I found some of the gift ideas to be expensive, but I don't know how much money a realtor would spend on...
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    Had my first 2 shows

    Well I had my first two shows this week and they both were great!! My best friend had the first show and there were only 6 people there but she got some outside orders too. Right now the sales are at $443.97 and she still has some outside orders one is for her husbands aunt and she wants to...