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    Stone vs metal

    I understand the "willies" part, John! I don't care for our unglazed stoneware because of that reason...lol...although I do use it....i just don't touch it if I don't have to...hahaahaha
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    FS - Stoneware Heart Molds

    I would like the "Peace on EArth" mold if it is available...
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    Who's Earned Free HWC Products?

    I earned mine :D but was really disappointed that I got the paisley apron (I already have that one) and not the pink one...oh well....loved everything!!
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    Wish me luck!

    You can do it!!!!
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    Who's Got Bookings For April?

    I have 2 HUGE vendor events, 1 cooking show and 2 catalog shows for now.....
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    New Catalog in PDF file for booth shows

    Why don't you just cut a catalog down the middle and put in sheet protectors. That's what I do.
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    Baking Soda Holder with Thermometer

    My 2 fridges have a digital thermometer built into them.....
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    Social Media Policy Reminder Email

    when I share from a blogger, I always give them their credit. But then it's always from a blogger I've known for a while and have followed. It's a shame things have gotten in such a mess......sigh.....
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    We're Praying For You, Jay!

    Praying for Jay and his family and friends.
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    Have you ever bled at a show?

    YUP....Cutting that bread ring like John. Fortunately I didn't bleed on anything and it was at my home so I knew where the bandages etc were kept. Now I take bandages and extra gloves to every show.
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    Egg Cooker

    I did put a paper towel around it.....I followed the directions to a tee....oh well....I'll try again one day ;)
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    Are you going on a vacation this year?

    Vacation???? What's that??? :(
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    How did you meet your last recruit?

    I met her 20 years ago at church.
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    Onion dip from feast

    I was born and raised in the Victoria area :D Small world.....
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    Microwave Grips

    They are good if you have good finger strength. I have RA and very little strength in my fingers. I wish they were a little bigger to fit more of your finger in there. I've used them but only with lifting plates I was reheating out because I couldn't lift anything heavier. I'm happy to hear...
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    Egg Cooker

    EVERY time I've used this, the egg explodes before it reaches 30 seconds.....doesn't matter how I cook it....scrambled, poached, fried....it's the same every time....so it's in the box in the closet because I am tired of scrubbing the microwave :P
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    Boil Over No More

    I know up here they won't sell well at that price....especially in this economy. Hopefully they will offer them in a set in the future.
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    Pizza Balls Recipe

    No I just pinch a little off and wrap it around the pepperoni and cheese.
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    Pizza Balls Recipe

    I like doing them with the pieces of the Pillsbury breadsticks instead of the biscuits. I think they have more of a Pizza-y taste :D
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    Need something? Business supplies/products

    Hi Beth!! I'll take all of the tablecloths that you have left. I'll message you my info.
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    Who cleans the host's dishes?

    I usually do my own dishes or bring them home with me. If there aren't too many of the hosts dishes dirty I will do them as well....it just depends. Although lately my hosts have said....you cooked....i wash....of course i get right in there and help! but they are sneaky and do it when I am...
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    Potato Peeler Question

    Tupperware used to have one like that......
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    BBQ Pizza Pan

    i use mine in the oven all the time! and make my yeast dough from scratch each time....works great!!!
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    Gift Giving - Products under $11!

    We don't carry the Creole or Moraccan spices any longer.....
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    ISO Pampered Chef Charm Key Chain

    I ended up connecting it to the actual connection on the other end of the bracelet....still tooo big....I am hoping with more charms it won't be so unweildy.
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    Facebook shows? It's called SOCIAL media?

    I do offer FB shows. I have friends and family all over this country and across the world. There are some I will Never be able to do a cooking show for. I am thankful I am able to offer them a way to have an interactive Facebook Party. On my personal page I occasionally post PC things. But...
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    Get Fit Accountability Thread!

    wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo way to go Noora!!!!! I'm only allowed 3 times a week right now.....soooooo....will be good on my diet today :D
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    Get Fit Accountability Thread!

    I want to join tooooooo!!! I was doing really good and had lost over 60 pounds with only 30 more to go to hit my goal weight. Then my surgeries started a year ago and after 3 major surgeries and not being able to get around much I've gained 25 pounds back :( So now I've been cleared to slowly...
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    Garden Ranch Pizza

    I usually chop it.