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    What would YOU do? I have a person from Canada who is trying to place

    What would YOU do? I have a person from Canada who is trying to place an order and have it sent to the US......but.....she only has a PO box in the US. She wants to use MY address and then meet for pick up.....I live 50 miles from the Canadian border. And she wants to use her host discount from...
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    Tangerine Ginger Sauce

    I never really like this sauce as a dessert sauce....toooooo tangy and not really sweet and the ginger...wow! Well....I was making a chicken stir fry today and thought...hmmmmm....so after I had the chicken and veggies done I added a couple of tablespoons of the Tangerine Ginger Sauce, a few...
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    Iso...mobile, al hospitality

    I have a recruit signing from Mobile, AL....I am in Minnesota. Is there anyone near her for hospitality? Thanks!!
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    Rochester, MN Fall Launch

    I'll be going to the Rochester launch. I'll have my Chef Success button on my bag so flag me down if you see me!!!!! Would love to meet y'all :D I'll be staying at the Grand Kahlor since I have Mayo Clinic appts later in the week.....anyone else staying there?
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    Personal Recovery Time Now

    Hi All! I got home Wednesday (the 27th) from the Mayo Clinic. Both jaw joints were replaced with artificial ones. I have bionic jaws now :D The surgery was only to be 4-5 hours but ended up 10 hours long!!!! Plus 2 hours of prep before the surgery and 3 hours in recovery. It took days to...
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    PC Email

    What do y'all think of the e-mail? I think it was great to just let All of us know we are in it together and reassuring that when it's finally ready...then...it will be available to the rest of us :D Thanks PC!!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!
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    Personal Prayer request

    Hi Y'all! It's that time. I had both jaw joints out in March and now I'm having the artificial ones put in. It will be Monday the 18th at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I appreciate the prayers for the surgery and recovery. I've been in pain for so long and I'm looking forward to a little...
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    Can we place a business card type ad in a high school yearbook? Or

    Can we place a business card type ad in a high school yearbook? Or help "sponsor" an event.....you know like a youth rodeo, or some type of event where they list "sponsors"?
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    Help with QR Code Generator

    HI! I created a QR Code and saved it as I was told. I am trying to post it to my PC FB page but everytime I try to post I get an error that says "There was a problem with the image download"....What am I doing wrong??
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    Step Up Your Business Class

    I am interested in joining one.....anyone going to lead one???? I know that Sheila is busy with her adorable kids. So will someone step in....pretty please? :)
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    Grill Pizza recipes

    I have a customer looking for recipes for the new pizza grill pan. Does anyone have any they want to share? I told that any recipe would work but she wants specifics......
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    Prayer request

    Leaving tomorrow for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I am having surgery on Tuesday, March 13th. They will remove the bones in each jaw joint and wire my mouth shut for 2 months while the artificial joints are made. Then I will go back to have them put in and will be wired shut again for 2...
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    Iso ice cream dipper!

    I have 3 customers who tried to order them tonight and can't! so much for the midnight deadline! soooo....i need 3....4 if you can spare it! [email protected] thanks!!!
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    Prayers for Extensive Jaw Surgery

    Hi Y'all! Thank you so much for all of your prayers this past summer for my jaw surgery. I will be having multiple jaw surgeries this year....sigh.....It will done at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I'm not sure when the first one will be as it's very complicated. This past summer when...
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    HELP...ISO HWC bar board and knife!!

    hi....a customer needs 2 of the pink bar boards with the knife.... anyone have any extras????
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    Prayers for my recovery...

    Hi Y'all! I had my jaw surgery on Aug. 23rd....more extensive than planned. I am in physical therapy now and it is so intense....2 steps forward and 1 step back. Still can't sleep in the bed because I can't lay on my sides so have been sleeping in the recliner for the last 5 weeks! While...
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    Prayer request for my surgery on tues

    hi y'all! please remember me in you prayers. i am having a third surgery on my jaw joints on Tuesday, aug. 23 in St. Paul, MN. In the 80's I had metal implants put in both jaw joints because my disks had been destroyed due to TMJ problems. In 2006, I had surgery again because the left jaw...
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    Daughter in renal failure

    this is an up date on my daughter sarah....she is now in renal failure...her kidneys are functioning at 14% they believe she took too many ibuprofen...advil...trying to get her fever down and manage the pain of her cellulitis before she went into the hospital thursday... they are flushing her...
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    Prayer for my daughter

    please keep my daughter sarah in your prayers.....she was hospitalized yesterday with cellulitis involving her leg....it is in her lymph nodes as well....she is on iv antibiotics....she is only 32....this happened VERY rapidly and she has a high fever as well....she lives in PA and i am in...