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    Has anyone ever lost their Action Reminders?

    Help, I need feedback!!!! I clicked on my Pampered Partner to see what I needed to do yesterday, and my Action Reminders weren't there!!!! I checked under Contacts and clicked on one of the contacts who I knew I had a reminder on, and the reminder was there under the contact. I then...
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    How do you de-scrape Simple Additions?

    I know I've read about this a few times, but I can't seem to find where it is. I looked on the SA ideas insert they give you with each SA purchase, but I could find it. Do you know where I can find out how to get the stainless steel marks off my SA? Thanks in advance, Mary
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    I am looking for the recruiting flyers

    I am looking for some recruiting flyers to put in my recruiting folder. I am meeting with two people today and tomorrow. I started a thread under recruits about what you guys put in it, and Cindy told me about a few that she got off here about Considering Joining and Most asked questions...
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    What do you guys put into your recruiting folder?

    I was wondering what you guys bring with you when you are talking with someone about the opportunity? I have a host tonight that is going to use her $40 towards the SS kit. I have been talking with her quite a bit about P.C. (this will be my first recruit!!!) Then I have a meeting with...
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    Host specials for wedding registry?

    Does anyone know if the bride gets a monthly host special for a wedding registry? thanks, Mary
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    I think I'm being selfish. I need unattached advice.

    I am going to be in my first fair tonight. I will be the only Pampered Chef representative there. And also, I will be in for as long as I want to for as many years as they do this. When I told my director about it, she asked if I wanted her to go with me. Of course, I had mixed feelings about...
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    Did any of you win the cluster challenge?

    I couldn't go to Conference, but my director did. She said not one person she spoke with earned the cluster challenge. We were only seven away from earning it. I know there was some chatting on here earlier about this, but I couldn't find it. Please let me know if your cluster earned the...
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    Baked potato show

    Hi, everyone!! I got a baked potato theme from here and put it, along with others, in my theme binder. Someone booked a party from it. If anyone has done this PLEASE let me know logistically how you did it. :confused: It should be a big show. She lost everything in Katrina and is inviting...
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    Mother daughter Brownie Troop party

    Hi, everyone. I'm hoping someone will give me some ideas. I'm hosting a mother/daughter cooking class for my daughters' Brownie Troop. We are having a slumber party afterwards, so I thought the girls could actually make all their snacks and dinner. Has anyone ever done anything like this...
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    Filing past orders

    Hi. I was hoping someone would share with me how they file or organize their past orders. How long do you keep the hard copies? Do you file them by date or hostess' last name? Any other organization tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!