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    Stainless Steel Bowl lids?

    Just saw on another thread that the lids of these bowls fit snugly. :confused: The lids of my bowls fit *really* poorly; they don't snap on and stay on they way the batter bowl lid does. Do I need replacement lids or is that just the difference between lids that snap over the edge compared to...
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    Personal Website problems?

    I've noticed on a couple of different PWSs today (my own included) that when you click on the various tabs, like "My Calendar",you get a message that says "Direct Access to this Page is Prohibited." I got this message when I clicked from the .biz/whatever homepage. Is it a system wide problem...
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    Please help--script for personal website

    OK, this can't possibly be as hard as I'm making it. I have a show on the 31st and the host sent all the invitations by email through my PWS. She would like me to send an email reminder this week, but none of the scripts fit. Any ideas on some wording that will remind them but also keep the...
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    Brownies in Medium Bar Pan?

    A guest at my show last night asked how long to bake brownies in this stone. I haven't ever done it and knew this lady well enough to know that "Just keep an eye on it the first time to get a feel for how long" wasn't going to be an acceptable answer, so I guessed twenty-five, thirty minutes...
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    Has anyone made this yet? I just stirred up a batch, using 1 1/2 cups

    Has anyone made this yet? I just stirred up a batch, using 1 1/2 cups flour in the dough and kneading in another 1/2 cup, which is how I understood the recipe. It was so tender I couldn't have rolled it out into logs, plus it was still pretty sticky, so I kneaded in more flour, probably 2/3...
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    Tasty Tidbits

    I just subscribed and am tinkering around with my copy of the January newsletter. Everytime I forward it, it picks up a bunch of crazy looking characters. It doesn't show up in the original, but every time she uses a "--" or, apparently, the enter key, I end up with something funky looking in...
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    Pre-ordering the Sweetheart Towels?

    We can order this on paperwork & supply, right? I don't have 6 shows registered for January so I didn't get the sample towel. Item #3097 is two kitchen towels for 9.60. Is that it? You get one free or you can buy two? I didn't see anything else and I am not at all sure from the description...
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    Popcorn in the Classic Batter Bowl?

    I *know* I read on here about popping popcorn in the microwave using the batter bowl. I've searched and searched and haven't found it. If you posted it originally (or if you remember what I'm talking about!) could you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!!
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    Receipts for gifts (spinoff thread)

    OK, to recap from the other thread: we can buy our gifts under the recipients' names so that they will have the receipts. Here's the spinoff: What if Susie ShowGuest wants to buy for herself, for her Aunt Sally's birthday and for her kids' teachers' Christmas gifts? The one receipt we give...
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    When you get to 15,000 in sales?

    Does your commission increase start the month you reach $15,000 or the next month?
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    Ideas for really spoiling a host?

    I booked a show on the anniversary of the first Kitchen Show I ever attended by telling the host that that date was reserved for a host who wanted to be spoiled rotten. Now I need ideas to follow through! :eek: I already do the shopping and mailing for all my hosts. What are some other...
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    Incentive for using a credit/debit card?

    I think I saw this here, but my searches aren't turning anything up. It was basically a page (or maybe a small booklet?) of fun/random/helpful tips that you could give anyone who used a credit or debit card to pay for their order. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? If you have it and...
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    Stonewear use question?

    Do I need to let the stones cool between cookie batches?? (I can't believe I haven't made cookies on my stones yet! But these are for a show tomorrow and I can't afford to mess 'em up!)
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    Charm Bracelet Charms?

    Does anybody have the flyer from KCN that has all the charms listed? My director got behind in passing them out and I'm having trouble figuring out which ones I still haven't received. As far as I can tell it isn't on CC any more. Thanks!
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    Crowd Control?

    Any tips for getting the crowd to quiet down during your demo? I like a lively, interactive crowd, but only if they're interacting with *me*
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    Funny comment from my husband!

    I'm in the middle of packing up for a show and he's starting to get dinner ready for the kids. He sighed and said, "You know the only thing I hate about Pampered Chef? When you have a show, you take all the good utensils." It made me smile really big--what a supportive guy!!
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    Personal Website updates

    OK, has anybody had any luck setting up their Customer Connection?? It says that all our past host info is already there. Well, um, if it is, I can't see it. I have been about to lose my mind trying to add other contacts, and have had zero luck with it. I am about to start a monthly...
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    Follow up on Bookings or Sales Question

    Which do you think you have more influence over? Assume, if you can, that all other things are equal. (You have a decent turnout and you're "on" for your demo, for example) Is it easier for you as the consultant to boost sales or secure bookings?
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    Bookings or sales: which would you rather have (and why)?

    Would you rather a host be shooting for high sales or multiple bookings? No fair saying "both!"...for purposes of this discussion, I need you to choose *one*. Would you rather have a $200 show with 3 or 4 bookings or $800-900 in sales with no pre-booked booking going in?
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    Adding to orders?

    OK, I'm not even sure exactly what my question is going to turn out to be so please bear with me ;) I have a show with an outside order of $41. I do not have the jar opener. I am trying to decide if it is ethical of me to add $9 worth of whatever products I want to this order to get the jar...
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    Question about booking benefit

    A guest of one of my shows this week may be doing a fundraiser with me in the next six months so I put her into PP as a booking off this party. Could this week's host order the host special on a fundraiser show? Because the guest's name won't be on the show, it will be the organization she's...
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    Putting items on sale thru your website (spinoff)

    Saw this suggested in the thread looking for ideas on getting another $115 in sales and loved the idea. I am assuming they put in their orders as individual orders? If they go through the checkout process, how do you give the extra discount before it goes to Pampered Chef? Thanks for...
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    October Host Sub-special

    This is a question about the Celebrate plate that October hosts get when they have 15 orders. Does that ship automatically (like the coffee samples for your first hosts) or do we need to add it? (I'm going to go piddle around with Pampered Partner and see if I can find an answer for myself...
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    Spring/Summer Catalogs?

    I've seen, here & elsewhere, old catalogs being sold. Am I missing something? Why would I need/want 25 old catalogs? This is only my second season as a consultant, so if I need to be stockpiling catalogs, somebody please let me know!
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    October Show Incentive

    Did y'all see this? It's so cool!! Pampered Chef is giving away $100 gift certicates to 25 random hosts every week in October!! With just a few calls, my calendar is almost full. Plus I got a booking on October 15. She wanted it because it's payday but I am so excited to be able to tie in...
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    Pampered Partner question

    When submitting a show, one of the last screens before it actually submits is where you tell what month you're submitting for. Beneath that is an empty space for "month bonus." What does it mean? Is it a director thing?
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    Booking Incentives?

    What kind of booking incentives do you offer? And what do you offer if you're booking apart from a show, e.g., over the phone or through conversations you start up with people? Do you give the incentive immediately or at their party? When I'm booking at a show, I bake a delicious bread in...
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    Well, I guess that's what I get!

    Never, never, never go out not looking your best!! I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym because I just couldn't wait to try a cake in the rice cooker. My two littles were acting like they'd lost their minds, and I looked (and probably smelled) pretty ripe. Wouldn't you...
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    Ultimate Slice & Grate

    Does anyone use this to grate cheese at their shows? I used it tonight for my family and liked it just as well as my old box grater. (Which is really saying something. I always pregrate the cheese for shows and only use the cheese grater for parmesan, nuts or chocolate.) After using it just...
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    The No Show Show (vent & asking for advice)

    The No Show Show After some really excellent host-coaching on my part (if I do say so myself), and follow-up reminder calls, and a confirmed attendance number of ELEVEN, not a soul showed up to this poor host's party tonight. What would you have done in this situation? I was making garden...