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  1. WestCoastPC

    New consultant incentive

    Ahh gotcha! Thank you
  2. WestCoastPC

    New consultant incentive

    Are there any incentives for a new consultant that signs up in September?
  3. WestCoastPC

    Planning a September launch!

    Thank you
  4. WestCoastPC

    Mystery Host PC set up

    Any tips for running a mystery host show? Do you have everyone buy a certain dollar amount to participate? Soon to be Newbie Here lol thanks
  5. WestCoastPC

    Planning a September launch!

    Me too! So excited :)
  6. WestCoastPC

    Business license and register name

    Hi all, i am new to Pampered Chef Canada and will be signing up in September with new catalogue launch. I am doing my due diligence in research. i am wondering how many Canadian home pampered chef businesses have a business license in their municipality and did you register your business name...
  7. WestCoastPC

    Prepping to sign up in Sept!

    Hello, my name is Brenda and I reside on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. I am excited to share I will be joining the Pampered Chef family come September (with new Catalogue launch!). I have been to a number of in-home parties over the last two decades and am impressed by what the company...