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  1. DZmom

    Belinda Ellsworth Step into Success For Sale!!

    Hey guys!! It's been awhile. I've missed you all. I hope you each are thriving and business is booming. I'm starting to realize that I made the right choice about taking a break from the business. It was hard in the beginning, but life is much less stressful and I'm getting some much needed...
  2. DZmom

    Goodbye & Thanks

    Hey everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, but I'm leaving TPC. Due to some personal issues, I've decided that I just can't spend anymore money or energy on this business. I really appreciate everyone's help and guidance throughout my business and wish you each much success. I'll be...
  3. DZmom

    Stop Sell is OVER!!!

    I just received this email from HO!! Dear Consultant, We're happy to report today that the Cranberry Deep Covered Baker and Decorator Bottle Set are officially off Stop Sell, just in time for the holidays! You may resume selling the Cranberry Deep Covered Baker and Decorator Bottle Set...
  4. DZmom

    OT: Double Stroller Advice Needed!

    I need advice on which stroller to purchase. I'm looking at either the Graco DuoGlider LXI or the Evenflo CitiTour Tandem and adding an carseat to it so that I can transport the 2 yo and the newborn simultaneously. Any advice on the strollers from those of you that have them or have used them...
  5. DZmom

    Thank GOD!!

    I was going through withdrawals today!!!!
  6. DZmom

    Chicken Primavera Risotto

    I need tips for the Risotto recipe from the spring/summer. I don't have time to make it. Any help is greatly appreciated. My host for tomorrow wants it and I've only made it once and that was in the spring. She had it at a show and wants me to make it at hers. TIA
  7. DZmom

    Potential Host/Recruit problems!!!

    I have a guy from an Oct show that is on hold due to his declined card that is DRIVING ME BONKERS!!! He booked a show, took recruit info and I'm now unable to get a hold of him!!! As a matter of a fact, I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET A HOLD OF HIM SINCE THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW!!!! He picked a date for...
  8. DZmom

    Pregnant and needing to VENT!!

    Ok the pregnant hormones have arrived in the last few days and along with being weepy, I'M VERY ON EDGE!! The littlest thing sets me off in to a temper!! The kids are driving me nuts. Both have decided to start misbehaving and the DH just sits on the coach like a huge blob wondering why the...
  9. DZmom

    Just Have To Share!!!

    I have a NEW recruit!! She's signing once her show closes next week. Plus, my $1000 hostess and her boyfriend stopped by tonight and she's considering signing to help pay for wedding costs!!! Plus, I have 2 more that wants to sign after the holidays!!! I'm definitely going on that trip next...
  10. DZmom

    MY 1000th post!!!

    YEAH!! PARTY!!! I'm going to catch up with Gillian, Becky and all you other Pink Stars!!
  11. DZmom

    I MIGHT be pregnant...

    I took the test!!! I'M PREGNANT!!!! I might be pregnant and if I am I won't be at National Conference!!! :o Due date would be July 14th!! :eek: While I'll be excited to welcome baby #3, I know I'll be disappointed that I won't be able to attend National Conference!! Especially, since I plan to...
  12. DZmom

    We're at 100,182!!

    Ok Greg, who's the lucky winner?
  13. DZmom

    National Conference Pics!

    Here's the pics I took @ National Conference. Now that I've figured out how to show them to you all with out going through the trouble of resizing them all! http://1929732864.slide.com/p/1/National+Conference?view=true
  14. DZmom

    My DD's 2nd Birthday Cake!

    My DD's 2nd Birthday Cake! Bigger Pics & URL I just got my camera fixed and finally downloaded the pics from my daughter's 2nd birthday and just HAD to show you guys the cake I made for her! We had a Spongebob party and I made this cake ALL BY MYSELF! Everyone thought that I'd bought it. I was...
  15. DZmom

    I Hate PWS!!!!!!

    Our website's contact management SUX!!!! It makes me SO mad that you have to enter EVERY SINGLE CONTACT INDIVIDUALLY for EVERY SINGLE SHOW!!! Not only that, but you'd think that once they were entered you'd be able to click a bunch of names on different pages. BUT NO!!! THAT WOULD BE TOO...
  16. DZmom

    Rita's November Newsletter!

    Hey everyone! Here is Rita's newletter. She emails it to me every month. If you email her she'd probably add you to her email list. Rita says the newletter has NOT been PROOFED. Please let her know if there any errors
  17. DZmom

    November Consultant News

    Have any of you been able to download the KCN for Nov, yet? It was supposed to be up yesterday and I can't open it.
  18. DZmom

    Asking for HELP w/ HO!

    I thought that would get everyone's attention. My host and her roomful of pro cooks and chef's last night LOVED our new forged cutlery, BUT they complained about the fact that we don't sell a carry case to go with our knives. Pro Cooks and Chef's carry their tools back and forth from the house...
  19. DZmom

    I'm so nervous! My host is a chef!!

    My host tonight is a culinary student. I've had her at my very first show and she was super nice, but I'm still so nervous. Especially since she's invited EVERYONE from work. She works for a catering company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. DZmom

    Raffle style Fundraisers

    After selling and selling our fundraisers to ALL the teachers and atheletic sponsors I know with NO takers, I decided to find a NEW way to do fundraisers with PAMPERED CHEF! I tweaked the PC LOTTO game for Host's and turned it into a fundraiser. I've attached my flyers. One is a Intro letter...
  21. DZmom

    Have you all received an email from PersoPay? It's some sort of

    Have you all received an email from PersoPay? It's some sort of payment website so Direct Sellers can accept credit card payments. It looks VERY hokey to me. I'm not sure who they are but if I were you all, I'd just delete the message. We don't need help accepting CC! PC does that for us.
  22. DZmom

    I've got my first interview...

    from the festival on Friday and Saturday! I'm meeting the girl at the local coffee shop to talk.:D I'm a little nervous! I'd really like to recruit a couple of people since I did hand out 12 packets and still have another 10 or so to contact that I didn't even talk to about the biz. They just...
  23. DZmom

    I just can't keep this to myself!!

    HEY ALL! My recruit and I did a Trade Days vendor event yesterday and today. We could set up tomorrow, but whe has to work and my hubby has hunting plans, so we decided to not set up. All together we talked to 191 people!!!:eek: Most of those today from about 10am to 6pm. We only talked to...
  24. DZmom

    I get to change my highest show!!!

    I had a great Spring & early Summer, but right after getting home from conference I was supposed to move due to a transfer for my DH's job, which fell through. I hadn't booked anything for the end of July and beginning of Aug. ALL my end of August shows cancelled as well as ALL but 1 of my...
  25. DZmom

    I need some encouragement!!!

    I started September out with 6 Cooking shows and 2 catalog shows. I'm now down to 3 Cooking Shows and 2 catalog shows. My own show tonight was a flop too! I collected 118.5 in orders today via email, but only had 1 person call to RSVP! I called everyone I could think of and nothing! The orders...
  26. DZmom

    I just have to tell everyone...

    I have 6 shows booked for Sept! Plus, 2 catalog shows going, too! I still have 2 people picking days and 2 that have said to call them after Labor Day! I'm so excited! :eek: On top of that I've got a 3-day Trade Fair and 2 Cooking shows already booked for Oct. I can't wait for my shows! I...
  27. DZmom

    First Recruit Interview

    Hey all! Thanks in advance for all your help! I have my first recruit interview on Thursday night. She's coming for dinner with me and the kids. DH will be working. Luckily she's been to the house before and we're fairly well acquainted. I'm VERY NERVOUS! I've recruited 2, but they were both...
  28. DZmom

    Pre-ordering Guest Special

    I remember reading somewhere that you can pre-order the guest special and was just trying to figure out how to do that. Thanks!
  29. DZmom

    Airport Transfer to Sheraton Towers

    Hey all! I'm curious as to how everyone during the 1st 2 waves got to and from the airport and the Towers? I leave Lexington, KY @ a little after 1pm on Saturday and my DH is driving me crazy about the travel arrangements. I've called my director AT LEAST a dozen times this week so far, so I...
  30. DZmom

    Becky Ishee

    Has anyone heard if Becky Ishee is doing anything special for her dinner? I forgot to ask my director today on our conference call and she's not available to ask now?