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  1. ivykeep

    Discontinued items 2014 S/S

    I made up these graphics for discontinued items. Feel free to use.
  2. ivykeep

    Personal My how they grow!

    My oldest daughter is my profile photo. She is now 7, the twins are now 4 and the baby is 19 months.
  3. ivykeep

    New spring product images

    I made these product images to post to my facebook shows and page and feature a different product every day. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tvjfpyw2zwf5ejq/sbuXEK6v9P Feel free to use them.
  4. ivykeep

    Host/guest specials for March April May

    Attached is my flyer for March/April/May guest and host specials.
  5. ivykeep

    Prep Bowl Rainbow Cakes

    Fun Rainbow Cakes in a 2-cup Prep bowl (makes a great sunshine day gift or a pick me up to a friend or child... and they get the gift of a Prep Bowl Rainbow Cake in Prep Bowl 1 box white cake mix made according to package instructions Neon food coloring in pink, yellow, green...
  6. ivykeep

    Sept Oct Nov Host Guest special

    Attached is a pdf I made for the Sept Oct Nov host and guest specials (unfortunately the word version was too large to upload). I don't have full adobe anymore so can't make it fillable (but if someone else can, please feel free to edit). I left a blank space where you can use a pdf editor to...
  7. ivykeep

    Mommy Must Have list?

    I have an old Mommy Must have list (with really out of date page numbers) and I wondered if anyone had an updated one. This is the one I have (I've started updating the page numbers, but decided to check to see if there was a more up to date one first): Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer #2430 pg...
  8. ivykeep

    Price differences between June and July?

    Since there is some overlap in host special items for 60% off in June and July, anyone know why the prices on the flyers are different if they are 60% off each month? The bowls are $25.80 in June and $28 in July The Cool and Serve is $19.60 in June and $19.20 in July.
  9. ivykeep

    Upset at home office email...

    I am VERY upset at the email one of my customers just forwarded to me sent to her by the home office. I was NOT copied on it. On the surface, I appreciate that the Home Office wants to be proactive and let 're-up' customers with expiring discounts, but I do NOT appreciate that they are...
  10. ivykeep

    Electronic checks?

    Any idea what the bit about the electronic transfers on the order forms: Is there some other way to handle check payments other than taking them to my bank?
  11. ivykeep

    Flyer for mom's show

    I'm doing a Mom's night out show for my mom's of twins group tonight and am looking for a flyer highlighting all the great family products that they may not immediately notice (the Cut-n-seal, quick stir pitcher, pastry mat for play-doh, mini cutters to make your own lunchables, etc.) Anyone...
  12. ivykeep

    PC Food Chopper vs. Slap Chop

    I had a guest ask about this at a show. I don't have one, but I have seen the commercials. Like our Food Chopper is opens for cleaning. The problem is that they are selling them at $19.95 (and including a "Graty" which is like our garlic slicer but is a cheese grater for free -- and I've seen tv...
  13. ivykeep

    Cheers for pdfescape.com

    I found a great FREE online program that allows you to edit (i.e., add a text box with your consultant information) to all of the PDFs that you can download from Consultant's Corner. I actually bought a pdf editor, but had my hard drive wiped during a warranty repair and haven't been able to...
  14. ivykeep

    Metal Sheet pans as host special?

    One of my best customers (and a great friend at that) just emailed me. Her sister had a show with another consultant (which is fine with me -- her sister is also a friend but lives almost 90 minutes away and I'm happy to provide customer service no matter who the consultant is). Their dad...
  15. ivykeep

    Show with Tastefully Simple rep?

    I've been invited to participate in a joint show with a Tastefully Simple Rep. I do know that doing a joint show may mean lower sales for each of us, but since I'm pregnant with twins on limited mobility and my dear friend who is hosting is aware and willing to work with me (as is the TS...
  16. ivykeep

    Fundraiser show catalog label

    I have a school PTA fundraiser that I'm dropping off catalogs and info packets for today. I wanted to do a label on the front of each catalog (in case it gets separated from the other paperwork (or the other paperwork is ignored!) Any suggestions on the wording other than including my info?
  17. ivykeep

    How do you add your contact info to flyers from Consultant's Corner

    I had a wonderful version of full Adobe on my computer that died... my replacement computer is now Vista based and my old Adobe program will no longer work (after talking to Adobe, they said I had to upgrade for $150, which just isn't in my budget right now :() So my question is, how do you...
  18. ivykeep

    Urgent Copy of blank P3 receipt

    I just ran out of P3 receipts and need to print 2 more to close out this show. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the front and back of a P3 receipt that they could upload so I can print out my last two receipts instead of needing to wait for my supply order? Thanks in advance!
  19. ivykeep

    January host special under $500

    I'm a little confused about the January promotion -- does the host get NOTHING as a monthly special if she has a $450 show? A couple of potential hosts were chatting about this at a recent show -- and both ended up booking in February because they'd rather have a SURE thing special than a...
  20. ivykeep

    3 in one Nov, Dec & January

    Here is my version of the Nov-January flyer
  21. ivykeep

    Cleaning Stainless Steel

    I have a customer who bought a set of Stainless Steel pans. She's pleased with the less stick quality of the pans without having non-stick coating, but is having a difficult time cleaning them. Any tips I can pass on to her?
  22. ivykeep

    Host and Guest Specials Flyer Sept - Nov

    Here is my updated flyer for the host and guest specials for Sept - November. I can't get it to compress the photos less than 4 mb file size so I can't upload the Word version (suggestions anyone?) I've tried the compress photos feature but it just won't get down to the 2 mb required for Chef...
  23. ivykeep

    Show Special idea from my NED

    This came as a plain flyer, so I jazzed it up a bit and added the knives for August so I can do all the guest specials on one place. I like that it can increase my show totals by giving a price point incentive and the Saute pan special will go towards Pan-o-rama!
  24. ivykeep

    P3 Update and something to watch out for

    After I did the Aug 1 update my P3 no longer automatically filled in the past host number and applied the 10% discount the way it used to... I submitted a show today and didn't realize one of my past hosts with $83.50 in products didn't get her discount. EEK! My fault for not noticing, but it...
  25. ivykeep

    Dot Bowls different in Fall

    I know we are discontinuing the dot bowls as a single bowl item on August 31 and that they will now be sold as a set, but they look different in the mini catalog (which I was sharing with my MIL who wants to complete her set of 3 small bowls with another 3 bowls). She said they looked smaller so...
  26. ivykeep

    Host and Guest Special Flyer for Aug - Oct

    Finished this one up a couple of hours ago but go sidetracked catching up on Paige and Pampered Laura. edited to fix flyer and add word document Thanks for the info on compressing the pictures -- I really do learn something everyday!
  27. ivykeep

    Great American Backyard Campout

    Anyone interested in doing? Join with families, friends, and neighbors camping out across the country! Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, parents and kids are encouraged to turn off all things high tech and instead gaze at the stars, make smores, swap stories, sleep in a tent...
  28. ivykeep

    Book a Show Tonight (June-August)

    The Book a Show tonight flyer updated June - August
  29. ivykeep

    My May Shows

    Have been hit and miss this month. I had two the first weekend (both topped my highest previous show and ended up at $900 and $1100 respectively -- which is usually my total monthly sales). Then I had a cancellation for the second time and a catalog host go completely missing (email bouces...
  30. ivykeep

    Strawberry lemonade in quick stir pitcher?

    My old roommate (also a PC consultant) had this recipe a while ago -- but I can't seem to find and want to make tonight -- anyone have it?