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  1. mikecooks

    Messenger/Laptop bag for sale

    I'm interested! What's the interior like? Dimensions?
  2. mikecooks

    Reindeer Game

  3. mikecooks

    Reindeer Game

    I could use an elf who wants to be a dentist around here!
  4. mikecooks

    Comment by 'mikecooks' in media 'Holiday Booth'

    Where does one get the "Hosts receive.." banner?
  5. mikecooks


    Hi yerself and welcome!
  6. mikecooks

    Merrill orders

    I guess the squeeky wheel principle applies here. I called and it shipped the next day!
  7. mikecooks

    Merrill orders

    Does it always take weeks to get an order from Merrill? I'm used to Vistaprint (1 week ) for biz cards.
  8. mikecooks

    Elevator Speech

    ... or 30 second commercial. Does anyone have a real corker for Pampered Chef? :bow:
  9. mikecooks

    Another scam .... via Consultant Contact

    Even with a credit card they are a scam. We used to get them quite a bit (in the autoparts store) get a "code red" authorization and the CC company will check it deeper. Usually with these they have stolen the CC number and info and are trying to get lots of product shipped offshore (usually...
  10. mikecooks

    Hi from Southern NH

    Hi all! I'm new to this board. I'll be a new consultant on the 19th so I'm just learning. I've been a salesman before and have been in several NWM companies in the past but this is my first "party plan". What I'm trying to avoid here is having an "absentee sponsor" so I'm being very...
  11. mikecooks

    2 Questions Direct Sellers Need to STOP Asking

    The basic point of the first message is to avoid "yes / no" questions. (Sales 101)