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    Fundraiser Commissions on Fundraisers

    What are the commission levels on FR., could not find it in Recipes for Success.
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    Sales Increasing my party average

    Increased Sales Dawn Thanks for the great tip about highlighting the show total. I've just mailed out some packets. I really believe that works. Dennis Miami
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    Sales What was your highest show......????

    Highest Show SSM 2 Highest $1,004. I had a really motivated host who collected $300, before will even started. Highest month $3,400 in my SSM 1 Being in sales years ago I have a different mentality. I look for prospects not suspects. I want to have host or want to have a show and ask me...
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    Knowledge about the biz?

    You are being professional, by admitting you don't have the answer and you will get back to them. Isn't that better than giving an incorrect answer.
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    Bookings Getting bookings at shows

    I'm in my ssm #2, last month sales $3,059, this month $2,372 so far and next month 3 shows, two from prior shows. Here's what I do, first you invite people that love to entertain, pick up cooking tips & techniques. These are the people that get really excited, not the fillers. The ones that...
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    Host Coaching Host 1/2 Price Combo

    Reply to Janel My host was a booking from one off my other shows. And I explained it to him there also. But I quess we weren't on the same page. Lessoned learned.
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    Host Coaching Host 1/2 Price Combo

    Just wanted to share an experience. I had a show on Sat. and was closing it out today. My host was under the impression that he could apply the host reward to the 1/2 combo and pay nothing. Little food for thought for the rookies, explain throughly to host that they have to pay out of pocket...
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    Learn Strategic Literacy

    Greg Sorry for the typo's. I got alittle ahead of myself. Thanks Again
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    Learn Strategic Literacy

    Greg That's for the great web site. I've signed up. Sales techniques do come into play when promoting once PC business.
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    Bookings About to join PC

    There are plenty pros but only one con, in my opinion. The con depending how you interpret it is, that you are responsible for your own success. If it were easy, everyone would be a PC consultant. Like some one replied what are you goals. To do well you will need to be creative...
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    Host Will not close show!!!!

    I don't undersatand how she still owes you money. This is what I would do. Make yourself the host and place the orders of her quest, have them shipped to your house then bag up the orders and personally drop off the orders. Thank the quest for the order and try to book them for a show. As...
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    Sales Where did I go wrong

    Host coaching is key. In my opinion I would have cancelled for a later date until she could get more people. Have her host with a friend. Let her know before the more successful the show, the more she will recieve.
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    Sales Need Sales

    Hello Debbie I'm in SS2 and what I have learned is to really have qualified prospects, people that love to cook and entertain. A true understanding of the Pampered Chef is vital, through host coaching. I had someone co-host with a friend and they shared the products. Work on prospects-not...