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    Bookings Holiday Bazaar

    I will be doing a holiday gift bazaar next month. Any suggestions on what is best to display or have available or any suggestions in general? I am a new consultant but, do have some items other than the ss kit. hanks for any replys :)
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    Sales Holiday Bazaars

    :confused: I was asked to participate recently in a Holiday Gift Bazaar. However, the majority of the businesses have cash and carry items where as I will not. I recently did a flea market at my church and all I heard from people is that stuff is too expensive. I tried to explain what a great...
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    Bookings Help need booking suggestions

    I am a new consultant and had 6 initial bookings, of the 6 I am now down to 3. I have 2 next weekend and 1 said that she has 2 people that are interested in booking a show. I am new to the area so I do not know alot of people. I have put several flyers out and the mini catalogs all over the...
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    Looking for suggestions for bookings

    I am very seriously looking into signing on with PC. I have 5 of the required 6 bookings to sign but, having a hard time getting the 6th booking. I am new to the area and also just found out that there is someone at my new job that is also selling PC. Any suggestions on getting extra bookings...