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  1. TinasKitchen

    Urgent Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

    OMG.. thank you soooo much!! My mouth is watering thinking of it. I"m going to the store once I get home. I'm sure everyone will love it just as much as me!
  2. TinasKitchen

    Urgent Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

    Thank you.. In the meantime when I get home I'll be looking as well and will email you the recipe if I find it.
  3. TinasKitchen

    Urgent Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

    I'm not sure of the cookbook its in but I have had it a few times and LOVED it. I wanted to make it tomorrow and have searched the internet for the recipe. Its 2 layers and its awesome especially if you love lemon. Ihave the Celebrate cookbook but I cant find it since I moved. I think thats...
  4. TinasKitchen

    Urgent Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

    Can anyone type up the recipe (I think it might be in the Celebrate cookbook). It is for a lemon cheesecake. The bottom is cheesecake, the top is lemon pie filling (I think) and the sides have slices of lemons . You use the springform pan. Very much appreciated!!
  5. TinasKitchen

    SPOILER THREAD- don't open if you don't wanna know!

    Thanks to everyone that posted. I was thinking about quitting PC but this just excited me to maybe keep it going. Happy New Year!
  6. TinasKitchen

    2 step fudge recipe anyone?

    According to the kids cookbook its the same thing but you melt the chocolate chips and then add the frosting and stir til its not shiny anymore lol Dont know if this makes a difference but figured I'd say it. Obviously if you nuked both and it worked then hey! I learned something new!
  7. TinasKitchen

    What is your Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe?

    Jennifer that sounds awesome.. my mouth is watering! :) I make pot roast alot. Although many people have different variations, here's my version. Whatever size roast you want fresh baby carrots potatoes quartered 1 large or 2 smalll onions quartered salt, pepper, garlic powder all...
  8. TinasKitchen

    Cookie Recipe Exchange

    Thanks JR. I believe I am signed up for that! lol But sometimes I like to know if a recipe tastes really good. lol
  9. TinasKitchen

    Recipe change

    The Caprese Sandwiches are easy and are made w/ the french bread as well. My super starter I did the Rustic Focaccia and I still make that. i even forgot the onion one time and everyone still loved it! hope this helps
  10. TinasKitchen

    Cookie Recipe Exchange

    I dont know if this has been started or not, but how about posting your favorite Christmas (or seasonal) cookie recipe. Those of us that would like to try new cookies will have some new recipes to try. I'm at work so of course I do not have mine with me but I will post one that I make w/...
  11. TinasKitchen

    Pull A Parts

    Scott that sounds DELICIOUS!
  12. TinasKitchen

    Show off Cookware recipe?

    I have a show next week and wanted to get some more bookings for shows in january. I would like to do the Turtle Fudge Skillet cake and my director says do a carafe of Hot chocolate w/ a simple additions bar of candy canes chopped w/ FC and chocolate grated w/ Adjustable microplane, whipped...
  13. TinasKitchen

    Fudge in Easy Accent Decorator

    its a 16 oz bag (I'm almost positive) its the regular size of choc chips.. not the large oversized bag. My daughter made these a few times. I had NO idea you could use your EAD for them. Tell me more if there is any more?
  14. TinasKitchen

    Help! Cinnamon Buns Recipe

    Yep Leeanne thats it!!! Thank you to you and Heather
  15. TinasKitchen

    Help! Cinnamon Buns Recipe

    for the life of me I cannot find a recipe w/ cinnamon buns used. I believe they were the larger kind, and I remember you take the frosting that come with it and add lemon juice to it. I believe it was done in the skillet. Anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about? if so what cookbook...
  16. TinasKitchen

    Bookings January Promo

    When do we need to let them know by? Who do I call b/c I never got my Dec. CN (is this the one w/ the host/guest specials we can pull out to show?)
  17. TinasKitchen

    Sales $1000 Show

    Wow! Congrats to all of you! I was soooooo close. $940 but she wouldnt wait for 2 more orders b/c she wants her stuff before Thanksgiving.. cant blame her. Still a great commission!
  18. TinasKitchen

    Turtle Fudge Skillet for 1st time

    Turtle Skillet was a big hit ! I wish there was enough for me to try it lol I'll have to do it at home or for Thanksgiving or something. Looked awesome too.
  19. TinasKitchen

    Bookings Backordered products

    Yes I received mine last week and I live in NYC. I also have about 6 people that were really mad at a show that they couldnt order them. I hadnt put my stickers on b/c I hadnt checked my mail for a few days to see if they arrived. I told them before the show started and what a scene! Oh...
  20. TinasKitchen

    Sales I hit my $15,000 in career sales!

    Congrats.. I'm not that far behind and hope to be there soon. Enjoy it!!
  21. TinasKitchen

    Host Coaching 1st $1000 show

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm very close to my first as well so I know how you feel!!! Level 2 here you come!
  22. TinasKitchen

    Turtle Fudge Skillet for 1st time

    I've made the pineapple upside down cake but thats pretty much done before the guests arrive. I waited a few minutes for it to cool and then inverted it. I'm assuming I do the same w/ the skillet cake? Then I apply the chocolate/caramel while its still hot? Then chop the nuts and add the...
  23. TinasKitchen

    Sales Just thismuch away from 1st $1000 show

    Trust me, she works it very well! lol She tells her friends Ok the 2 things you are buying ARE... and she makes them buy the can opener if they dont have it and the large bar pan. She's waiting for 2 more orders at least. She's in no rush and neither am I but we would like to close it out this...
  24. TinasKitchen

    Sales What is your #1 seller?

    I have to say the Large Bar Pan is my favorite stone and I sell alot of these. Quick Stir Pitcher is my #1 seller (Probaby from the summer). My favorite tool is the Ultimate Mandolin.
  25. TinasKitchen

    Sales Just thismuch away from 1st $1000 show

    Thank you! I hope it happens b/c she's been telling me since I first spoke to her that she was going to have a huge show. With 8 showing up I wondered, but she was right! lol
  26. TinasKitchen

    Sales Just thismuch away from 1st $1000 show

    Lol Believe me.. I'm trying!!!! She used to sell Tupperware and I told her that she's a natural. Is she SURE she doesnt want to try this? She hasnt said No so we'll see. Thank you all... I'll let you know how it goes.
  27. TinasKitchen

    New spring products

    I have had 4 people so far ask me for a salad spinner! I try to sell them the colander set but they say its not the same. They almost beg me to find out why! lol I would love the scrapers in pink for HWC. I also would like to see a pineapple corer slicer (my sis has one from QVC). More...
  28. TinasKitchen

    Theme Show Holiday Games?

    Do you know if these gifts pass throughout the room or do they tend to stay in the same group of people it started with? I found that w/ the original left right game.. and I didnt like that. I'm going to try the Thanksgiving one at my show on Sat. Thanks!
  29. TinasKitchen

    Sales Just thismuch away from 1st $1000 show

    I'm so excited. My disaster of a show has a great host who tells her friends you HAVE to order (get this) the can opener! lol and the large bar pan! So right there she has a big sale. Then they add more on. She is at $905 right now and has at least 2 more orders coming. All this from a...