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    Grilling Booklet

    Thanks for doing this ! pERFECT
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    Grilling Booklet

    Can someone convert this to word?
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    Spring-y Trifle?

    The Pineapple One does sound good - can you post it?
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    Personal Request regarding Spring Launch

    I cannot attend springlaunch due to family obligations , so if someone would PM me that would be great . Thanks in advance.
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    CC down - ERG!!

    8:08 EST - Stiil not up - They have not changed the time either.
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    3 month Jan/Feb/Mar

    Your flyesr are great and I appreciate being able to edit them. Thanks for sharing these with us.
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    Special thanks to our Gold Members!

    Merry Christmas - 1 more day till Christmas.
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    January eNewsletter

    I believe it will be released on Monday December 27th.
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    How's Everyone Doing w/SAT?

    Made the 6 k- Gotta have the freebies. Cyber Monday could prove to be interesting. Let's hope that everyone spends some of their money on Pampered Chef.
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    Show questions

    Not sure where you are in PA - but if you would like to accompany me to one of my shows - I'd love to have you. I do this full time , so I have adapted the show to fit the busy show schedule.
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    Gluten Free Recipes

    Does anyone have any gluten free recipes thay use at Pampered CHef shows?
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    Color printer

    The Brother laser on sale is black and white and costs only 99.00 on sale.
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    Color printer

    I have always used a brother laser printer for black and white printing. I use this for my pampered partner receipt. It uses toner veresus ink cartridges. It is quicka nd easy Use yur HP for color or backup.
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    Bookings Bookings brochure???

    These do not open - The font is scrambled.
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    Merrill Lap Boards VS Folders VS Nothing

    I used lap boards for 2 years. Now I just use the catalog with teh order from and explain the guest special to them. I use the flip chart book to display the guest special. It is much less weight and produces the ame results.
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    Need Hospitallity in DELAWARE

    Who do you contact at home office to do this ?
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    Need Hospitallity in DELAWARE

    I have a consultant who has just moved to LEWES Delaware and is interested in attending meetings. Does anyone know any directors that have meetings within 45 minutes of Lewes?
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    Sadie the Scottie Won Westminster

    I love this dog - I am glad the Scottie took top honors.
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    Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs & Paste Recipe

    Here you go...... Glad I could help. Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs and Noodles Weekday dinners done 12 oz uncooked spaghetti noodles 1 ¼ lbs 90% lean ground beef ½ cup finely chopped onions ¼ cup plain dry bread crumbs 1 egg 2 tbsp Asian Seasoning Mix 1 bag (16oz) frozen stir-fry...
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    Can anyone make this PDF so I can edit it?

    When you convert it can you post it in the file section. That woudl be great - Thanks!!
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    Kitchen timer - battery replacement?

    lr44 is the number on mine
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    Icontact, constant contact???

    I use MYEMAIL Designs and I contact. The newsletter is worth every penny . Mike does a great job and it saves you time that you can spend developing leads and customers. I contact is a time save because you do not need to double eneter all your emails and the emails are all delivered in...
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    Bookings Earned HWC products?

    Mine arrived today. They look great !
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    Anyone have one of these? Apparently they are really small laptops?

    Re: Netbooks?? I too have an ACER - It has served me well through 3 years and 700 shows. Not to big - fits in the front pocket of the large PC rolling bag. Great to use in case my home computer fails .
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    Day #3 Leadership

    How did you get the new career plan - mine says page moved.
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    Day #3 Leadership

    I can not pull it up - It tells me the page has moved.
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    Cherry Cordial Torte

    Where do I find this recipe? Can someone list it ?
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    Great new magazine

    I ordered it too. It looks like it will be a great source of information and recipes.:
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    WARNING: Conference spoilers inside!!!

    Please email me the info on the news from Conf - [email protected]
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    Not going to conference read this...

    Can you add me too? [email protected] Thanks