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    Fundraiser Need ideas on a fundraiser for a friend with cancer

    Hi...I want to see if any of you have any suggestions or formats on organizing a community fundraiser to help raise money for a Pampered Chef friend that just learned she has stage 4 cancer. I'm hoping to help raise money for her living expenses since she will be flying back and forth to NY from...
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    Death By Chocolate Party Invites?

    I'm a new consultant. I want to have a party where the guest actually make the dessert or even have two teams that compete to make them. Wondering is anyone had any ideas and invitations for something like that. I want it to be a fun girl's night out. Any suggestions are needed! If I got...
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    Fundraiser Whip Cancer Fundraisers

    Hi...I'm new with Pampered Chef. I want to have a fundraiser for Whip Cancer. I'd like to do an open house. Can anyone give me suggestions or a invite that they have use in the past plus ideas on how to organize the open house? Thanks! :)