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  1. D Levad

    Rock Crok vs. Flameware

    Do you think a person could do the pull apart breads in the rock crok and not have them stick ? I always use my skillet but was thinking about trying it in the rock crok.
  2. D Levad

    2014 Calendars

    I was not real happy when I saw the new calendars either.
  3. D Levad

    Kitchen Spritzer

    I had to play with the clear round Washer as well. Then it finally worked pretty well.
  4. D Levad

    Kitchen Spritzer

    thank you everyone for the tips. I got it to work and taking it to a show today...
  5. D Levad

    Kitchen Spritzer

    I can not get my spritzer to work at all. At our last meeting my directors spritzer wouldn't spray either. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  6. D Levad

    Corn Casserole

    This is a very good recipe. I just made it last night for a large group and everyone liked it..
  7. D Levad

    Charm bracelet

    I could not get the charm over the spacer. It was like it was stripped. I called and they are replacing it. Its been quite awhile since I have sent it back and still no replacement. It sounds to me like there are many problems with these. :(
  8. D Levad

    New German Chocolate Recipe

    I just tried to make one. All I had was the large mix. I didn't use the whole mix and still had to much. It overflowed but when it was done it was really good.
  9. D Levad

    Sample Packages

    Thanks, i forgot about ordering them off the web site. Just did it..
  10. D Levad

    Sample Packages

    Has anyone had any problems ordering the samples? I can not get it to take the item #. I have restarted the program and did the updates.
  11. D Levad

    Scratched ? metal baking sheet

    I have a customer that has two of the baking pans and they are both doing this. She loves the pans but they should not be doing what they are. I have had cake pans for years that haven't flaked off. I am going to do an adjustment on these as well. Another consultant has a square pan that a...
  12. D Levad

    St. Paul, MN Spring Launch

    I will be there as well. I am looking forward to it.
  13. D Levad

    Chef's Tools on Stop Sell!

    I have been trying to order them with the numbers they gave us and even did an update but it won't let me order them.. What am I doing wrong?
  14. D Levad

    Stains on Mandoline

    I just love those magic erasers. I never thought about using them on the mandoline. I will have to try that.. Thanks
  15. D Levad

    How to upload my picture

    It was the avatar that I needed to upload.. Thanks everyone for your help.
  16. D Levad

    How to upload my picture

    I am not sure, but I will look into that.. Thanks
  17. D Levad

    How to upload my picture

    I have been trying to upload a picture of myself on my profile. It says it is there but when I post it does not show up. What am I doing wrong or should I be doing? Thanks for any help.
  18. D Levad

    Bookings Ughhhh Phone Fear! Long

    I have a terrible time making the calls myself. I know that I need to pick up the phone and just do it. I hate it when someone gives me their phone number and then when I go to call it, it isn't a valid number, or the number has been changed.
  19. D Levad

    To Check, or not to Check. That is the question.

    In the 6 years I have only had one bad check and that was a girl that worked in my area. I wish she would have just said can you hold the check. It was a fiasco and I will not take checks from her now. I also had a previous hostess (had no problems with on the first show), had a credit card...
  20. D Levad

    Digital Pocket Thermometer falling apart?

    I just had to return one for the same reason. After reading these posts I might have to stop promoting them too.
  21. D Levad

    Special thanks to our Gold Members!

    Merry Christmas to you... I love this site as well. I don't post very often but I do read it most everyday. I have gained so much valuable information from here, and I know that is why my business has developed and is going well. Thanks everyone..
  22. D Levad

    I love Kam

    I love your flyers too!! Thank you so much !!!!
  23. D Levad

    March Mid-Month Commission Statements

    Thanks so much, I will try this next month.
  24. D Levad

    Catalog questions

    call them and tell them you received Spanish by mistake and they will take care of it..
  25. D Levad

    March Mid-Month Commission Statements

    This is neat to be able to see what they are depositing ahead of time.. How do you find this for the next time? Thanks...
  26. D Levad

    Personal Why are teens so difficult?

    I have two boys, one is 16 and the other is 14. My 16 year old does great in school and can be trusted with just about anything. My 14 year old (red head) thinks the world revolves around him, owes him , etc. He is always late getting to class. Gettings D's mostly. We live a block from school...
  27. D Levad

    Going to the Minneapolis Spring launch? Sign in here!

    I will be in Minneapolis ..We are going up monday night.. Fun Fun, I can't wait.
  28. D Levad

    Theme Show Show outline

    What is the FRANK Game?
  29. D Levad

    Rant: Son and Future DIL won't use registry

    I was all lined up to do a Pampered chef bridal shower. The gal that was hosting it had been working with me setting up invitations, etc.. At the last minute they wanted to put that the bride was registered at Target , younkers etc, on my invitations. The mother of the bride made the comment...
  30. D Levad

    Question about PC Totes/Bags for shows

    my handle on the rolling tote broke while I was pulling it up a step. I still found if I packed it, that it was heavy as well. I am trying to lighten up my load as well but it never seems to happen.