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    Canadian outlet - when was the last time

    it's been the same since mid-late Oct. At that time they removed a couple of items and added a couple of new items (the trivets pkg). I keep checking it, hoping there's something new, but NADA. kind of makes the outlet pointless if they don't changed it up frequently. It's very frustrating...
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    Quick Main Dish Demo

    deluxe cheeseburger salad or garden ranch pizza :)
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    Ribs recipe in DCB

    I make these quite often, and the only time they ever turned out tough was when they got a bit overcooked. The water shouldn't cover them... it should only cover most of the bottom of the baker. My family LOVES the ribs in the DCB, so the only thing I can think is that maybe they were over...
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    Double Chocolate Mousse Cups

    I've bought them at superstore & I think I have seen them at Sobey's as well.
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    Urgent Please prayer for my Father in law

    More prayers coming for your FIL, his loved ones & medical teams.
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    Tragedy at work

    How very sad. I'll be sure to pray for her family, as well as fo you & all her friends 7 co-workers who are mourning her loss.
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    Flambé in Executive?

    I wouldn't. Use & care indicates only to use the Exec cookware at low to (at max) med-high heat. I know the flame is actually on the cookware, but is on the alcohol on the surface, but it would still make me nervous. I'd to it with SS.
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    ER tonight too..

    all the press I read was that Clooney was back for the finale. I want to think he will be back again, given that they hyped his return soooo much, but then didn't mention (or show) him in the previews for last week's episode. Lots of people might have missed it, not knowing he was going to be on.
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    This INFURIATES me!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness I kept reading, b/c I my mind went staright to the rock band Rush (instead of Limbaugh) & I was a little confused - lol. :rolleyes:
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    Dancing with the stars

    You nailed it on the head about Disney Corp. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus... all part of the wholesome Disney family. (And Chrsitina Aguilera, though she seems to have matured out of her overly sexualized rebellious phase.)
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    Outlet is updated

    must be nice. the Cdn outlet hasn't been updated since late Oct!!!
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    Booths Appetizers for 200+ people--Help!

    wow... just caught this thread, but it sure sounds like you ended up with a HUGE success. Congrats & well done :)
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser Bingo

    you ought to be able to get daubers at the dollar store. I think reuseable items (the round plastic markers) are the way to go, though. You can likely borrow them from a facility that runs bingo.
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    Anyone make the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake?

    don't oil it... it won't stick. :)
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser Bingo

    I was just on the organizing committee for a fundraising bingo for our (my kids') school. We got bingo card & slider cards from some seniors' homes. Also got the blower thingy at a seniors' home. We got the markers (the plastic cirlce things) from 2 diff churches (or maybe 1 batch from a...
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    Rigatoni with Tuna and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    I agree!! Love this recipe!! Now I'll have to try the Shrimp Panzanella....mmmm
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    American Idol anyone?

    Paula is definitely more than just "quirky" this year. Now.... I don't mean for this to be mean, but (I sound like Simon - lol).... did anyone else notice that Jorge looks just like the character in "Meet the Fockers" who was potentially Ben Stiller's illegitimate son? (Esp when jorge smiles)...
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    URGENT (kind of): Pancakes in bar pan

    A friend / customer just asked me for the time / temp to do pancakes in the LBP. I do them all the time in mine, but haven't perfected the time/temp combo to a point where I feel comfortable giving her an answer (she's a bit skeptical about the panckaes, so I want hers to turn out well - lol)...
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    Canadian - National Blitz day

    I haven't heard a word about ti. Sorry.
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    My heart is broke

    so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in the happy memories.
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    The Bachelor

    go to realitysteve dot com he gives a full time line as to how all this went down & spells out a VERY convincing conspiracy theory. to answer the question of the timing.... They filmed the proposal just before Thanksgiving. They taped "After the Final Rose" in mid-Jan. (They normally...
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    Prayer for decisions concerning my Mom.

    Becky, my heasrt goes out to you. Reading your post brought back all kinds of memories of a similar situation with my grandfather. I will pray that God will grant you and your mother peace, that she will get placed in the right facility to meet her needs, for the people handling her case, for...
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    So much sadness

    Wow. That is one of the saddest things I've read in a while. Prayers coming for your friend andthe children involved. They've already been hit with such challenges, bless their young hearts. So glad that they are in a safe, loving home with supportive parents who will help them cope with all this.
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    The Bachelor

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!! This is definitely why they are hyping the After the Final Rose show. It's going to be a doozy!!
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    Happy Birthday Carolyn (dannyzmom)

    Happy Birthday :) :) :)
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    The Bachelor

    So.... I missed The Women Tell All last night (because 24 always trumps The Bachelor), & decided to find a recap online. Then I came across THIS.................... Wait for it.......................................................... Major Spoilers are found on this...
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    What's for Dinner? (Feb.24)

    PANCAKES, of course!
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    Possibly the most insecure guy in the world

    Oh Susan... you just re-affirmed my belief that if anything ever happens to my DH, I am NEVER dating. I hope you had a great glass of wine & some choclate to go with your popcorn - lol. Next Monday, just stay home to watch The Bachelor -- it will make you feel sooooo much better about your...
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    Question about GST in Ontario

    I do believe that gst (or hst, depending on where you live) went down 1% in Jan.
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    What's for Dinner? (Feb.23)

    the kids had healthy cereal (tae kwon do night & I got side tracked with homework & the doorbell & rang out of time to finishe the real supper before their lesson)... DH & I get teriyaki pork stir fry from It's Good for You.