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  1. J

    Bookings Book to look idea worked

    book to look I am thinking of using this idea, but have decided that I am going to put a $ amount for example I have broken up the amounts pretty much like on the host reward page in the catalog, so if the show is $150-$200 I am offering $5 off their show, $300-$500 10.00; $600-700 $15...
  2. J

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    We found the cookies from the Wal-Mart bakery or from Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy (local ice cream store in OK) are the perfect size for using with the sandwich maker. If you cut the top cookie in half before putting it on it makes it easier to slice when frozen. My daughter loves to make them...
  3. J

    Bookings Shipping charges

    shipping charge Shipping is $3.50 per order until 3/1/06 when it goes up to $4.00 per order. Susan A. Moore, OK
  4. J

    Bookings I stink at this

    I know how you feel I know how you feel. I started with PC in October of 2005. Never could get my sales up in any of SS months so missed out those great products. I keep trying to do the best I can. I have a full time job besides the PC so do it as part-time. It takes time to build a home...
  5. J

    How many use a laptop?

    laptop In regards to the laptop I have a router but not a wireless one. My husband has it fixed where I can plug it in to my laptop and be able to access the internet from the laptop and so don't need to transfer the information from one computer to the other. He went online (perhaps to Cox...
  6. J

    Rice Cooker Cake?

    cake Please tell me more about making this cake in the rice cooker plus. Do you just follow the cake mix directions? How long do you cook it? What size of scoop for the frosting do you use? Thanks for the information. :confused: Susan A. Moore, OK
  7. J

    Chillzanne Sectional Server

    I have a question on how to put the sectional server together in the S-shape design. When I put it in the circle I can get it to lock and stay together when I am holding it, but when I try it in the S-shape it falls apart while I'm holding it. Suggestions? Thanks for your help. I'm glad I...
  8. J

    Rice Cooker Cake?

    cake in rice cooker plus In the new Seasons Best on p. 29 there is a recipe for Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Cake that is designed for the rice cooker plus. Haven't tried it yet but sounds delicious. :D Susan Moore, OK
  9. J

    Bookings Hosts making too much food

    host poem Thanks for the poem. I think I will put copies of it in my host packets as well. I had a show at my house once just before I became a consultant and there were 20 people in attendance and they were sitting everywhere. My neighbor volunteered to go back to her house and bring more...
  10. J

    Sales Most used piece of stoneware

    favorite stoneware My favorite stoneware items are the large baking stone and the medium bar pan. Susan (456026) Moore, OK
  11. J

    Bookings Help! Host not showing up to her own party!

    4 months experience as a consultant Hi my name is Susan and I have been a consultant since October of 2005. I have trouble getting bookings. I have made some customer care calls and rec'd orders but no bookings. I too have hosts that are difficult to get hold of. Have trouble getting out of...