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    Employed Directors?

    I am a director and I work at a law office 3 days a week and I stay home with my 22 month old daughter the other days. I just celebrated my one year anniversary with Pampered Chef!!!!!
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    Bookings Frisco, TX ...Little Elm consultants???

    I live nearby!!! I sent you a private message Ginger Phillips Independent Pampered Chef Director 903-896-7491
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    Just got the new products!

    I got my products yesterday!!! I received my products yesterday. I earned all of them as a Director and it is so very exciting opening all the products and looking through all of the new paperwork. It is going to be a great fall selling season!!!!! Ginger Phillips Independent Pampered...
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    I'm Walking TOO!

    Congrats Ginger!! I will be walking at Conference 2 so I will not be able to see you. Ginger Phillips Independent Pampered Chef Director Edgewood, Texas [email protected]
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    Bookings I'm new and I want to read all the posts but:

    Where do I begin......... I have been with Pampered Chef for 8 months and I promoted to Director on June 1. This is an excellent business to be in. You will get what you put into it. I do have a parttime job as a Legal Assistant and I work two days a week and I have a 18 month old daughter I...
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    Bookings Pampered chef

    I am a Director in Texas if you have not been contacted by another consultant please send me an email and we can talk. Thanks Ginger Phillips [email protected] Independent Pampered Chef Director
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    How about meeting between sessions?

    That sounds good to me. I am in Conf 2 so I will just be waiting around for the Directors Event. Let me know the details. Ginger Phillips Independent Pampered Chef Director [email protected] www.pamperedchef.biz/gingerphillips
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    Who's going to conference?

    I will be at Conf 2. I will be walking as a new DIRECTOR!!!! I promoted as of June 1. See you there!!!!! Ginger Phillips Edgewood, Texas [email protected] www.pamperedchef.biz/gingerphillips
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    How long did it take you to become a director?

    It took me 8 months. I really followed every lead and talked about the business at every show and called some ladies I knew that did not have jobs or were stay at home moms and I got a few that way. It is acheivable. Ginger Phillips Edgewood, Texas 903-896-7491 [email protected]
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    New Director!!!

    I got the call!!!!! I got the call on Friday I promoted to Director as of June 1st. So that means I will be walking at Conference #2. I hope to see some of you there. Congrats Beth I know exactly how you feel. I am have been in the business for 8 months but I came in knowing I was going...
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    New Fall Products - Can you quess

    Do you know if there is a new and improved Showcase coming out in the Fall? One of my fellow Consultants thought that there was since at Leadership they were getting opinions on different ones. Just asking. I have lots of PC Dollars I want to use and I don't want to get the old one if there...
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    Which HWC product did you sell the most of?

    I sold a total of 76 HWC products. My top seller was the Help Whip Clips then the Mini Whisk.
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    Chilzanne Ideas??

    In the Weekly Bites for today there was an idea on the egg side to serve Chocolate Covered Strawberries I thought that was a great idea!!!!
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    How Many New Recruits?

    I recruited 3 in April!!!!
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    Who earned the Patriotic Tablecloth?

    I earned it!!! Did one fundraiser a catalog show and a kitchen show!!!
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    When are you going to National Conference?

    I am going to Conference #2. Carol Radu is my NSED.
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    Reasons you joined pc?

    I joined to be able to stay home with my daughter and not have to go back to work fulltime. I enjoy the time we have together and when I am at parties my husband is home from work and he can take care of her. And of course I LOVE the products and the company. But most of all for the MONEY!!!
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    Members Where do you Live?

    I live in Edgewood, Texas 60 miles East of Dallas!
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    Are you going?

    Chicago here I come!!!!! I will be going to the #2 Conference Carol Radu is my NSED. I am very excited about going this will be my first National Conference I went to my first Leadership Conference in January and it was wonderful. I can't wait!!! Depending on how this month goes with some of...
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    Hey Chefs!! How old are you??

    I am 28 will turn 29 this month; married with one daughter 17 months old.
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    Bookings First Show

    I think we all can relate to what happened to you. I was getting discouraged after a party that was not so good and on my way home I listened to a CD of National Senior Executive Directors promotion speeches and I heard Carol Radu. She said that you cannot give up after one bad show or one bad...