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    Selling Retired Cookbooks

    i have the following cookbooks for sale: All New Soup, Stews and Chilis $5 Dinner in your deep covered baker $5 It's Good For You $8 All the best $8 Main dishes $8 Stoneware inspirations $8 Cooking for two or more $8 Delightful desserts $8 29 minutes to dinner volume 2 $8 29 minutes to dinner $8...
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    New and Retired Items for sale

    I have a few current and retired items for sale. I am cleaning house and want them gone! PM me if you are interested and I will email you the list. I work during the day, but can still send out the email, I just won't be able to quote any shipping for you. I have a PayPal account for payment...
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    2008 Simple Additions pumpkin plate

    Oh, I did not know that. Guess I will have to try different avenues to sell it! Thanks!
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    2008 Simple Additions pumpkin plate

    I found a pumpkin plate from 2008 I believe. I have no idea what they are worth. Best offer gets it! PM me with your offer! Thanks!
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    Items for Sale

    Lists have been sent!!
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    Items for Sale

    Kelly and Heidi I sent the list!
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    Items for Sale

    I have a few current and retired items for sale. I will email you a list. If you want something please email me back with the items you want and your zip and I will quote you a shipping price. I accept PayPal. I would like to get these sold today as I am off for the Holiday! Thanks!
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    New Items for Sale!

    Could you please email me as well [email protected] Thanks!
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    Question on "online yard sale" sales

    I am curious though how we can sell on this site? Isn't it the same thing?
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    Good Chapter Books for boys?

    My son loves My Weird School books. They have at least 13 in the series and each one is titled after a teacher in the school ex. Miss Todd is Odd. Have fun reading to him!!
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    Help me understand Facebook

    I just set up my facebook recently and I have figured out how to put pics on there, but how do I put one on for my profile pic??
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    Can I do this??

    I resigned from The Pampered Chef in July last year. Am I able to sign up again now or do I have to wait for a year or can I never, ever again sign up?? Thanks!!
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    Rant Help my sister-in-law sign with Mary K (kind of long)

    Check out pinktruth.com I would advise your SIL to do the same!! I used to sell MK and everything that is on that website is completely true. Tell her to run now while she has the chance!!
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    My latest UL purchase...

    Thanks for your thoughts. It has been hard, but we have learned to adjust. Kelly, congrats on the baby. Ours was completely unplanned (at least on our end it was, we are sure that someone had a hand in it!!;) ) Sorry for the temp hijack.
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    My latest UL purchase...

    I LOVE UL!! I had a party about a year ago and got lots of free stuff and just had another one about a month ago and I am anxiously waiting for my stuff! The thing that I love the most about it is that you can customize sayings. The pic is of the one I customized for my hallway to hang above...
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    Not going to conference read this...

    Could you please include me in the emails [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Bookings Bizarre way to get a show....

    I love uppercase living!! I was never charged for a catalog, I guess it must depend on the consultant! The thing that I love the most about Uppercase Living is that you can customize your own words!! I was able to do a really neat and favorite saying above my kids' pics in the hall! I can't...
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    Quality bulk meat/poultry/seafood?

    I would check around your area for a quality butcher. We get all of our meat from our local butcher and it is soooooo much better then any of the grocery stores we have around here!! I almost cry everytime I have to go to the grocery store and buy meat when we are in between orders!! Good luck!
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    Great Show...Horrible Ending - Sort of long post

    In nebraska our court costs are added right into the ticket whether you go to court or not. Two summers ago my husband and I were in a similar accident. An older lady who should not have been driving pulled out in front of us while we were coming home from camping. My Dh did a great job and...
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    I have emailed everyone who has asked for the list. If you have not received it please let me know. Also Lisa I need your email address! Thanks
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    Soinlove I sent it again, let me know if you don't get again and we will try again!
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    I have sent everyone a list that has asked for it up to this point. If you did not get it or have questions please pm and I will help you out!!
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    Pregnant and have a question

    I am sure that this is not the place to ask this, but I have no one else to ask and it is driving me crazy. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I am having horrible pains in my breasts. I know they are suppoed to hurt some, but these are sometimes shooting pains. It is so painful that I...
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    I emailed you Amelia! If you have questions or don't get it please let me know THanks
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    Items for sale I have emailed everyone who asked for a list so far. If you did not get it please let me know and I will try to email it to you again!
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    Hanging Up My Apron Sale!!

    I am hanging up my apron and have tons of things for sale!!! Please PM me for a list and include your email address!!! I only accept payments thru PayPal and will give shipping quotes so you know how much it will be! Happy Shopping!!!
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    Oh - I'm halfway there... to the Bon Jovi Concert!

    Bon Jovi!! I have a friend who just went to see him in Omaha on Monday. Said he was awesome as was Daughtry. SHe didn't get a shirt cause she couldn't belive the prices....they were like $60, sweatshirts $100 and a stocking cap for $30!! Crazy! Hope you have fun!!
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    Simple Additions for sale

    Beth could you please email me as well?? [email protected] Thanks
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    Need best recipe to make for grieving family

    We lost our son last April and the best things we had brought over were plates, napkins and such and also a styrofoam cooler full of pop! Also if you are thinking about giving a memorial, we received books of stamps in a few of our cards. It was so nice not have to buy them! Just my thoughts!
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    Fall/Winter Catalogs FOR SALE - WILL SHIP TODAY!

    More Catalogs!! I have 23 catalogs for sale also. They do have my stamp/sticker on them but it can be covered up! I also have a never opened package of order forms. I can ship these out ASAP if you pay with PayPal. My zip is 68640. Thanks!!!