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    Food sticking to Santuko

    I have a customer that is complaining that food is sticking to her Santuko knife. I have had similiar problems. I thought the indentions were to keep food from sticking to it. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas? Thanks:yuck:
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    Need stoneware bowl recipes

    I have a customer that has the discontinued stoneware bowl and would like recipes for it. Does anyone have a recipe for this bowl? Thanks for you help. Kristy Tate Seligman, MO
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    Cookie Press problems

    I have a customer that has had terrible luck with her cookie press. She can't get the cookies to come out right. She has tried the PC recipes. She has tried chilling the dough and letting it get to room temperature. Any suggestions, or similiar problems? Thanks, Kristy Tate Seligman,MO
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    Wisk Guarantee

    Has anyone noticed that they have changed the guarantee on the wisk from lifetime to 3 years? Was this announced somewhere and I missed it?
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    Show folders

    Do you use folders for your show? If so, what do you put in them besides a catalog and order form. Thanks!! Kristy Tate Indepent Kitchen Consultant Seligman, Missouri