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    P3 Ipad and Website

    Hi - I'm restarting my business and don't have access to the website yet although I did have it last time I was a consultant. I'm just wondering if you set up your show on your website and bring an i-pad to the show, can you enter the orders onto the website using the ipad and then import...
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    One Plate from the SA 16 piece dinner set

    I have a customer who had one plate get chipped in the dishwasher. (She may have had it too close to something else in the dishwasher but she says it just came out of the dishwasher that way.) Is this covered under the one year guarantee and if so how can I do an adjustment for one plate...
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    Cookie Press Question

    Thanks! Those threads were helpful!
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    Cookie Press Question

    Hi All - I don't use the cookie press much and I had a customer tell me that the old one gave her trouble releasing the cookies. She literally had to use a knife to scrape them onto the cookie sheet, which as you can imagine didn't make the cookies look too pretty. I saw the new one...
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    Theme Show Marketing the Bridal Shower

    Hi - I am doing a bridal show on Sunday and would like to market the Pampered Chef Bridal Shower - Does anyone have any suggestions? Do bridal parties do the PC shower as the ONLY shower for the bride or do they do it additionally? Incorporate it with a larger bridal shower? Any...
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    Website Usage

    I order the Shop from my website anytime cards from Merrill, highlight my web address in pink and attach them to receipts whenever anyone places an order through a show.
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    Music Question

    Take Charge and Take Action Now! What was the original song and who sings it? I thought it was Beyonce, but I can't find it. Thanks.
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    Sales I knew it! Now what?

    I was at my regular 10:00pm Tuesday night spot watching Real Housewives on Bravo (this time of New Jersey and the finale no less) when I saw Dina, the pretty blonde, whipping up some eggs for her daughter Lexi in what???????? OMG! That looks an AWFUL lot like a Pampered Chef stainless mixing...
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    Bookings When you make calls and get a VM do you leave a full message?

    I made a lot of phone calls last week, got a lot of voice mails and left lots of "commercial" like messages. Not one call back. My director said don't leave a message just "This is Annie from the Pampered Chef, if you could return my call, my number is..." I like the idea! I'm wondering...
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    Bookings Desperate for bookings - would you do this?

    Well it's true - if you ignore your business, it goes away. I've been staying active until I got out of school, and now that I'm out my business has dried up and I can't go back once again to those who helped me before and ask AGAIN - okay I have but they don't seem as excited this time...
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    Theme Show Mystery Host placed an order how to enter in P3?

    Thanks for all the replies - OOpsss...sorry Kristi - I'm at work and I got interrupted, dang these people who pay me a paycheck and interrupt my Pampered Chef time!;) I'll be in touch soon! p.s. I booked my flight!
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    Theme Show Mystery Host placed an order how to enter in P3?

    Hi All - I had a mystery host show on Friday night. My winner placed a $100 order prior to me pulling the MH of course, and now she's won $140 worth of free product. So I'm thinking I can't put her name in as a host AND a guest. So do I use an Alias as the host? (I figure I can always...
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    Pampered Chef vs. Tupperware

    Thanks for all the responses so far and if anyone has anything else to add I would love to hear it. I am certainly NOT looking to bash Tupperware. I am simply looking to educate myself on how they do business so I can compare and contrast the differences. When I speak with my potential...
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    Pampered Chef vs. Tupperware

    I'm hoping someone here can help me. I had my Grand Re-Opening last night and a gal who used to work full time with me came. She's now home with 4 girls under 8 years old and I haven't seen her in 7 years. I told her PC is a great at home business. She said she had tried Tupperware, but...
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    Sales HELP! What to put in the 3 tier stand?

    Thanks All - I plan on layering the hummus cups and jalapeno pizzas. Just finished doing the layered fruit in the trifle...there's a pic somewhere the cantaloupe, pineapple and melon. LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!:)
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    Sales HELP! What to put in the 3 tier stand?

    Hi All - I'm having my GRAND RE-OPENING tomorrow night. I'll be done with school on March 28th and graduate May 1st and I'm ready to get back to business. I have 15 confirmed guests for tomorrow night and it's very casual, no demo, just food, fun prizes, mystery host... Anyhow, I want to...
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    Transferring P3 info from Vista to Mac

    Hi All - I'm hoping someone who knows more about tech can help me. I'm wondering how I can transfer my files from my old P3 on a vista laptop I have over to P3 that I now have on my Mac Can I just back up the Vista onto a USB Memory stick and transfer it to Mac? I'm thinking I...
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    I think it's "Put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT!" :)
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    That's EXACTLY what I had a problem with ALONG with the "If you aren't a consultant you can sign up here" *I* can't recruit that way, why should someone else be able to - I'm using PC for my Leadership Practicum to earn my BS this quarter and part of the proposal I wrote is that I would...
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    I don't come here all that often, but when I have a question, I do because I know most people here are knowledgeable and have integrity. With all due respect, I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but I don't know why you would think it was funny. In all honesty, I won't go report her or...
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    Yeah, one even has the PC logo....
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    You know, I just have to say I LOVE Pampered Chef, but I'm sure like most of you, I CONSTANTLY fight the stigma of the Direct Selling Business. I feel like people think I'm out to make a quick buck and I don't care about them, I'm just looking to get rich. But the truth is, I love to cook...
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    Oh, and it gets better, the last admin, who I think lasted 24 hours, already stated that they are in violation of PC policy because they have Pampered Chef in the name! God I love the drama! :love:
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    Thanks all - I left the group - My PC business is too important to me to be associated with that. Not just the violations, but the rudeness was a little much for me.
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    At the risk of this person being on this board too

    I'm on Facebook and signed up for a PC group. There's been some turnover in admin and I got this in my FB mailbox this morning from the new one. Doesn't PC have some policy about recruiting in this manner? Hello Members To members of Pampered Chef Consultants Allison SXXXX Add as...
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    Sales Do you warn customers

    When the knives were being redesigned, I let people know and a guest asked if they were on sale. I told them no, but if they wanted one I would give them 5% off - it wasn't much and I didn't think it would make a difference, but I sold a lot of knives that night and it probably helped my sales...
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    YAY!! P3 for Mac

    Okay, I was having problems with my Vista Laptop today ---which I purchased specifically for P3 because I am a diehard mac fan --- and imagine my excitement when I saw this thread! Thanks for the heads up everyone! I've been in school for the last 15 months and am rededicating myself to my...
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    Fundraiser Help Help Help!!!!!

    Thanks Sharon - I did know that and accounted for it!
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    Fundraiser Help Help Help!!!!!

    HEY - I FORGOT to tell you all ----I'm doing a FUNDRAISER!!!!;););) And the head of marketing will be ordering the spoons through the FUNDRAISER! ;) I don't know how that POSSIBLY could have slipped my mind! If it were ANYTHING BUT A FUNDRAISER;) then I would have had to submit it as an...