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  1. Diamond

    Selling New 2016-2017 items

    I will take the microwave popcorn maker! 95670 Do you do Paypal?
  2. Diamond

    Buying Small Square Plate Set

    Anyone have one set of the Small Tile Square Plate set that was in the OUTLET a few weeks ago? Item #2066
  3. Diamond

    Host Special $25

    Yep, it would be nice if at least the star lit up so yo knew it had been applied.
  4. Diamond

    Host Special $25

    Thank you, yes I was waiting for the little star to light up, I didn't realize they just credited it automatically. Thank you!
  5. Diamond

    Host Special $25

    How do you apply the $25 host special for my host this month? She had a party well over $200 but I don't see it crediting her final shopping cart?
  6. Diamond

    Spring 2016 New Products

    Hi everyone, anyone have any thoughts on the new spiralizer? I've been hearing mixed reviews about it's use and cleaning.