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    "Santoku" vs. "Santuko"

    And we all still love each other, right?
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    "Santoku" vs. "Santuko"

    Has anyone else noticed or wondered at PC's mispronunciation of our most popular piece of cutlery? When they first introduced the knife 2 years ago, they called it the "Santuko" knife. I immediately cringed--the Food Network junkie that I tend to be, I know that it's spelled and pronounced...
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    Ultimate Mandoline Problem

    To clean the orange stain off, just rub some vegetable oil on the stained places. Works like a charm.
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    Lids for Bowl/Colander Set

    No, the bowls are different sizes than the old ones.
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    Sales Shows Too Hard --Help--Suggestions?

    I have the same problem and have spent the last few months trying to simplify my business. I have four children ages 5 and under, and from the start I said this business would be built around them, not in place of them. It's a difficult balance to keep sometimes. I try to book shows close to...
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    Anyone in the Seattle area?

    I'm looking for any consultants in the Seattle area. We're thinking of moving there in the near future, and I'm contemplating what it will be like to move my business from one coast to another. I'm curious to know what the response to PC is out there and how it will be starting from scratch in...
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    12 family skillet, handle spins...

    I have a new appreciation for HO's service to us and our customers. We don't see everything that goes into creating and testing new products, and it's a long process, I'm sure. So when something isn't right, I'm so glad PC stands behind their products. That shows we are the best!
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    12 family skillet, handle spins...

    I e-mailed HO yesterday to let them know I had the same problem with my cookware, and tonight someone actually called me back to follow up with me. That, to me, was impressive. They really do stand behind their products. The guy was really pushing me to return the piece for a new one, and he...
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    Redeeming Pan-O-Rama points

    You mean you can see the points change as soon as you click "Submit?"
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    Redeeming Pan-O-Rama points

    How do you know you've redeemed your points? I clicked on "Submit" but it never took me to a new screen. Did it go through?
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    Simple Additions Ideas Needed Fast!

    This isn't a Christmas idea, but have you ever seen the Simple Additions Wedding Cake? You just stack all the bowls in graduated sizes, upside-down. So the Large Bowl is the bottom layer of the "cake," then the medium, small and petite. Then you can frost it with the EAD. I did one of these...
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    Spoon rest

    Look at the Marketplace section on this website. Someone may have an extra. There's also a Yahoo group dedicated to this sort of thing. PM me for more information.
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    12 family skillet, handle spins...

    I've had the same thing happen on several of my pieces. I returned my 10" skillet, got a new one, and it did the same thing. My theory is that silicone softens after a while. It's frustrating, and I'm surprised I haven't heard more people say anything about it. We need to tell HO. They have...
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    Song lyrics from Conference

    Does anyone have any information about the theme songs from Conference? I would love to download them from Itunes, but I don't know the titles or lyrics.
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    Uses for Grill Press

    There weren't any recipes listed. I guess they just leave it to you to do what you want. So you all want to come over? Who's staying at the Sheraton for Wave 3? Do you think we could rig something up? Ha ha.
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    Uses for Grill Press

    I don't have one of these, but I just came across some great ideas in a cookbook for a panini press. Well, I'm sure ours would work just as well. How about grilled doughnuts--the book says grilling sugar cake doughnuts develops an "irresistably crispy, caramelized crust." It also mentions...
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    Bookings Repeat hosts

    I've been a consultant for about 18 months and am doing great with my business. However, one thing I'd like to improve is getting my hosts to rebook to renew their discounts. I feel like if I am doing my job right, they should have had a lot of fun, and they should be excited about rebooking...
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    Laser All-in-one Printer recommedations

    My first big-ticket item when I first became a consultant was a laser printer. It's a Brother MFC series, and I love it. It copies, prints, scans, and faxes. I would highly recommend it. I couldn't live without a fast copier, and ink-jet doesn't cut it for me anymore.
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    Sales Debi Lilly's advertising Pampered Chef

    I'm so excited that Debi Lilly's going to be speaking to us at Conference! Never heard of her before now, but I'm definitely already a fan. She's a professional party planner for Oprah Winfrey, among other notables. The best part is that she uses our serving pieces and is even advertising our...
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    Fundraiser Pink Flexible Scraper

    I just used mine today to fill my Measure All Cup, and it worked even better than the Skinny Scraper. I also like that it's more rigid than the other scrapers. I used it not only to mix my biscuit dough, but to cut it into squares before putting it in the oven. Worked great.
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    St. Patty's Day Recipes

    Missing Ingredients in Shamrock Dip Recipe I printed off the attachment, but some of the measurements of the ingredients are missing in the recipes. Help! I'm doing Shamrock Dip at my show tonight. How much mayonnaise, corned beef, and salt go in this recipe?
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    Grill pan burning food

    I have a customer who just got the grill pan and said she's having a problem with the food burning because the fat goes to the bottom of the pan. I don't have one of these pans, so I didn't know what to tell her. Any suggestions?
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    Waiting for the Call!

    Wow, it's really something to see all the congratulations--thank you! I just have to say that most of the credit should go to my extraordinary recruiter and upline. She's given me so much time and effort, and it's really paid off for both of us. I never thought I'd reach this point--I just...
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    Waiting for the Call!

    My fifth recruit just submitted her qualifying show! I'm on pins and needles waiting for "the Call" from HO. Just had to share my good news with everyone!
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    Online ordering and personal websites

    Another question--how many leads a month does the website generate for you?
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    Online ordering and personal websites

    That makes sense--thanks for explaining. I figured directors were still getting the leads. Glad to know they're trying to make it a little more fair.
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    Online ordering and personal websites

    I was just on the PC website and was wondering if they changed something about online ordering. Used to be I was directed to a Director's website to order directly from her. Now I'm just getting the online catalog, but no personal websites. I guess I'm a little concerned because I'm about to...
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    Handle on Executive Skillet

    Oh, maybe it was the time I put it in the dishwasher. Just kidding. I've had hosts so disappointed in the performance of their cookware, and I've found out that they've been washing in the dishwasher. Sigh. It doesn't take any time at all to wipe them clean, which is a benefit I love, love...
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    Handle on Executive Skillet

    Never more than 350 degrees, actually. I'm very careful to follow all the instructions in use and care...
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    Handle on Executive Skillet

    I bake frequently in my Executive skillet and have recently noticed that the silicone handle has softened and actually twists around the metal part of the handle. This is really bothering me--has anyone else had this happen? Is it the heat from the oven that has done this? I think I'm going...