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  1. kitchencop

    Director Chef Success Now Open!

    We just promoted and are awaiting all our new material. We cant wait to sign on.
  2. kitchencop

    Calling all Dell owners!

    Dell is not high rated for their laptops, pc's yes. Compaq makes a better laptop and it can withstand a beating as well. We have updated the warranty and are able to get it repaired for free. We have a Dell pc and its awesome, but I wouldnt trade my Compaq Laptop.
  3. kitchencop

    Conference 2007 New Products/Announcements

    Thank you everyone for all the info. Since we are on Guam we were not able to attend conference and have been waiting patiently. Thank you to all.
  4. kitchencop

    Secrets from Conference

    Please add us too....
  5. kitchencop

    P3 Contacts

    Does any know if you can transfer your contact information over to your email? This was available with PP, we are not able to find it on P3. :confused:
  6. kitchencop

    P3 questions

    Does any know if you can transfer your contact information over to your email? This was available with PP, we are not able to find it on P3.
  7. kitchencop

    Non-Continguous States

    Did anyone receive information on the increase in the cost for shipping outside the US? We on Guam can recieve both UPS and FedEx, yet we still have to get ours USPS. Now there is an increase. WHY? :mad:
  8. kitchencop

    Ultimate Mandoline

    Did you know that the blades for the USG will fit in the Mandolin? Use this as a selling point for those that have the USG and want to upgrade, this way they can still use the julienne cutter in their Mandolin.
  9. kitchencop

    Welcome Sarah & Michael!

    :) We wanted to let our newest recruits feel very welcome....and again, we told them you guys are the best! We're taking over Guam!!! Go Sarah & Michael! Good luck!
  10. kitchencop

    Theme Show We were looking for some games with a Halloween theme...does anyone

    We were looking for some games with a Halloween theme...does anyone have any "spooky" ones? We were going to do guess the horror film or name of the bad guy....(i.e. Childs Play - Chucky). Can anyone help?:confused:
  11. kitchencop

    Welcome New Recruit ChefShari!!!

    Woo Hoo.....Everyone Please Welcome Shari..... Shari just signed and is waiting for her starter kit!!!..... She just had a $1,500+ show with bookings galore! We can't wait for her to get started!.... Please be sure to drop her a hello........ We (my Husband/consultant) and I told her...
  12. kitchencop

    Stoneware storage rack gone

    It looks like the stoneware storage rack is sold out. It is not on the outlet page anymore (along with a crock or two), it is also not available to buy through our samples page. Just FYI
  13. kitchencop

    Buying ISO Stoneware Storage Racks

    I totally agree! She is quite full of herself!
  14. kitchencop

    Buying ISO Stoneware Storage Racks

    Thanks, but, no, we are not allowed to buy PC products on EBay. I was hoping to go through a consultant and get one that is not needed.
  15. kitchencop

    Buying ISO Stoneware Storage Racks

    Bump Just wanted to bump this up!
  16. kitchencop

    Buying ISO Stoneware Storage Racks

    We are also in need of one. TIA
  17. kitchencop

    Large SS Bowl

    Thank you!!!
  18. kitchencop

    Large SS Bowl

    Thanks! We haven't gotten ours, I called HO last week and they said none of them had been shipped yet! HELLLOOO! Oh well, I will call again and hopefully get someone with a clue. lol Thanks for your help!:p
  19. kitchencop

    Large SS Bowl

    Has anyone received there large SS bowl that they earned from July shows?:confused:
  20. kitchencop

    Sales New Products

    I am so greatful for Joy also! Glad it was what you needed... (Thanks again Joy!)
  21. kitchencop

    Sales New Products

    http://www.tastytidbits.net/augustflyers.htm Have you tried here? I think this may be what you are looking for!
  22. kitchencop

    Who has the decorator bottles?

    We like them Me, my 9 year old and 3 year old used them to decorate the puffs the other day, they were easy to fill (ziplock bag with corner cut), easy to use, and easy to clean..... A big hit at our house!
  23. kitchencop

    I Won!!!!

    Wow!!! :D Congrats! Good for you!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!
  24. kitchencop

    Sales Let's share cookware demo recipes

    I use 2 tablespoons....and it works out great.... My recruitee uses a whole stick and yuck, is it like a heart attack in a pan...nice pan I might say, but still!:D
  25. kitchencop

    Silly Question

    Thanks again... Now I can say "nah nah nah nah nah" to my DH;)
  26. kitchencop

    Silly Question

    Thanks! :D I know the flyer was saying that, but then my DH was like "No, why would they do that" and I said something like, well that is what is says...it is just an incentive for Hosts...but then that little nagging voice made me unsure! AGH!!! Thanks again for clarifying!!!!
  27. kitchencop

    Silly Question

    :confused: Does anyone know if the 8 qt stainless bowl will be available for sale - or is it JUST for August hosts? TIA
  28. kitchencop

    What new products do you think will come out?

    Mary Just pm'd you