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    Sales Anyone done door to door sales?

    I have done door to door for a while and get great results - I just ring the bell and talk to the owner and as if they are interested in looking at a catalog which has a flier inserted inside it with info on having a show, purchasing, fundraisers, host benefits etc...its a great way to meet the...
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    Sales Real Estate Sales

    I have tried to sell to realtors, I 've attached my realtors gift ideas flier which I distributed to one office - but no bites...wierd, I thought they would be looking for great new and functional closing gift ideas! I haven't had the time to go into the realtors and present my gift giving...
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    Sales Copy of Invitation to my Openhouse!

    Use what you like! Good luck!
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    Sales Copy of Invitation to my Openhouse!

    My Director is Shelly Witzke..
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    Sales Copy of Invitation to my Openhouse!

    Here is a copy of a letter I sent to past hosts, neighbours and customers, I had a great response from it and thought I could share it with the rest of you! :D
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    Sales Uses for Roasting Pan

    Hello Everyone, I recieved an email last year from a consultant (I forget who...) who had compiled lots of recipe ideas and uses for the Roasting Pan. It was a word document and was absolutely fabulous! I've lost it and one of my customers who purchased the Pan is looking for ideas! Could...