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    Spring Fling

    Its not very hard to do this one took me about 5 Mins to do you can customize it to what you want. You cant always rely on everyone else to do it for you. I know its easier but its also easier to just make one up yourself. Anyone is more then welcome to use mine I dont mind LOL...
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    Theme Show Karaoke show??

    Well I tried to upload the files but it craps out on me.. If you want the invite doc please let me know And i will email it to you There seems to have been a slight problem with the Chefsuccess.com a Community for Pampered Chef Consultants database. Please try again by pressing...
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    Theme Show Karaoke show??

    well this is what I came up with! If the host is the one wanting a karaoke show and they love it make them open with a song to get things started (Make sure you make it clear to them that you will not be providing the karaoke machine.) this will give you time to get the ingridents toghether...
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    Recruiting Insight of male Hispanic PLEASE

    sounds like to me you should be signing up the wife. Then she and her husband can sell toghether. He is going to have his hands full when the resturant opens up. Bryon
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    Fundraiser :) I want to do some training on fundraisers at my next cluster

    I really dont want to sound like a prude but I know its going to come out that way. But the tools are right here just take your time and go throught the fundraiser post and you will be able to get do's and don'ts of a fundraise and you can also put together packets from the forms that people...
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    Hotel for Conference?

    just a heads up.. you can buy a bus, subway pass for 5 dollars if you need to find a hotel a little further. Just a heads up this is 5 dollars a day but it sure is cheaper then a taxi. I am reserching hotels this week and will comeback and post my list and prices Bryon Sparks Ohio
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    Bookings Thanking past customers and offering booking bonus

    Why dont you offer them free shows if they book by the end of the month Bryon