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    Spring and summer 2014 wish list with pictures

    Did anyone have these made up yet for spring summer 2014 and fall winter 2013. If so please share!
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    Director HWC Booking Blitz

    invite for booking blitz Could you please send me your evite you are using for the booking blitz you are doing with your team. Thank you so much. Brenda [email protected]
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    Chicken Your Way Side Dish

    Since I am in no means a fabulous cook. Can you be more specific? How long did you cook them? When you put the noodles in with the chix broth and water - did your liquid cover all the noodles? Thank you!
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    Chicken Your Way Side Dish

    The noodles clumped together and they weren't done so I needed to put it in more time and threw away a lot of noodles. Tonight I am going to try putting a little more liquid in there then the recipe calls for.
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    Chicken Your Way Side Dish

    OK so I am making the Chicken Your Way and the Perfect Pasta (side dish that PC recommended to compliment the Chicken) for a show tomorrow night. I made the Perfect Pasta tonight and the noodles stick together and it wasn't very good. Any recommendations on what maybe I did wrong or what I...
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    Hi everyone, I need advice asap. Of course once again I ran out of

    Re: Camera Thank you so much for all of your input. I don't have a lot of time to research and I trust PC consultants! :)
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    Hi everyone, I need advice asap. Of course once again I ran out of

    Hi everyone, I need advice asap. Of course once again I ran out of time and Disney is next weekend already. I want to buy a new DIGITAL CAMERA before the trip. I need help!!!!!!! I want to be able to have a great zoom, not much of delay when I want to take a picture and good in bad lighting...
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    Bookings Would you drive 4 hours for a show?

    I would definately do a show 4 hours away. I have done that numerous times. It is a great way to build your team. One of my top selling consultants in my team is a consultant that lives 5 hours from me. You can go to the show and tell someone you will give them the bookings off the show to...
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    Chillzanne Round Platter Lid

    Yes, I wasn't very specific but it is for the old round platter that we do not have replacement pieces for. Thank you.
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    Chillzanne Round Platter Lid

    Hi everyone, I have a customer that needs the above replacement part. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? Let me know. Thank you. Brenda
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    Clulster Meeting Guests

    Hi everyone, I just wondered what directors give to the guest when you bring a guest to the cluster meeting? Please let me know asap because our meeting is on Tuesday. Thank you.
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    Bookings Fall kick off

    Did anyone make up an invite for a Fall Kick Off or a Last Chance First Glance? Last year I relied on email - which was a big no no. This year I am going to send out invites! Just running out of time. Thank you. Brenda
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    Batterbowl Cake

    Thank you!!!!!
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    Batterbowl Cake

    Hi everyone, I know at one time there were some threads where people posted pictures of batterbowl cakes they have made. Well I lost the file I saved them in. I have a customer that wants a picture and the directions if possible to make the ladybug cake. Please post. Thank you.
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    Fundraiser Pampered Chef HWC Fundraiser

    Hi everyone, I was wondering is anyone able to change the 2009 co-branded HWC fact sheet on the PC website into a word document. I am trying to copy and past some of the material into an email but of course can not because I don't have the ability to change PDF's. Can anyone help me? Here is...
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    Fundraiser Online Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

    Thank you Brenda. However, I need to be more clear about what I am looking for. I am actually looking for an email announcing the fundraiser catalog show. Thank you.
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    Fundraiser Online Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

    Hi everyone, I am going to do an online Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser. I am going to call is Pinkapalooza - I took it from another thread. Does anyone have an email that they already made up for the same type of fundraiser. If so could you PLEASE post or email me. Thank you. I want to do it...
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    Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresco

    Hi everyone, I am making this at my show on Tuesday so I tried it tonight, except I used more broth because I didn't have wine. It was DELICIOUS! My only problem it was runny. Has anyone else made it, should I decrease the amount of broth? What do you think? I am a recipe follower and can...
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    Trifle Bowl

    I would but she didn't buy it from me, she got it as a gift and that person doesn't know who or when she bought it - real helpful right. Brenda
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    Trifle Bowl

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a pedestal for the trifle bowl they are willing to sell. I have someone that contacted me that received one as a gift and the base broke. PC does not offer it is a replacement piece - which is too bad. Let me know. Thank you. Brenda
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    Fundraiser Church Fundraiser Invitation Flyer

    Hi everyone, I need help. One of my past hosts is having me come to her church and do a fundraiser. We are going to do it like a bridal show where customers and buy for themselves and at the same time buy for the church and stock their kitchen. Then we are going to have this be a fundraiser...
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    Director Step Up Class

    I would also love this if you have it - the Duska Mills training. Thank you. Brenda
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    Sales Website outlet

    Hi girls, I just wanted to share a success. Yesterday for the first time I emailed customers and gave them some pictures of some items available on the outlet and directions. I will definately do it again. I have received $300 sales since yesterday! Try it! :) Brenda
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    Stoneware Heart Mold - NEW

    Just want to check again? Anyone have any? Thank you. Brenda
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    Hi everyone, I have 7 consultants from my downline going to conference

    Thank you for the great ideas. I will have to go shopping! I am going to take them out to dinner on Thursday night as a team! Brenda
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    Hi everyone, I have 7 consultants from my downline going to conference

    Hi everyone, I have 7 consultants from my downline going to conference this year. I am so excited. My question for you is does anyone give anything or do anything special for the consultants that go to conference. Please let me know ASAP as I am on Wave I. Thank you. Brenda
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    Stoneware Heart Mold - NEW

    Does nobody have one of these NEW in their closets somewhere?
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    Stoneware Heart Mold - NEW

    HI everyone, will you please check your closets. I am looking for one NEW stoneware mold. It can be any stoneware mold EXCEPT: Peace on Earth Patriot Heart and Anniversary Heart. Please email me with which one you have and the price. This is for a customer. Thank you. Brenda
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    Batter Bowl lids

    Hi everyone, has anyone else had a problem in the last month with the batter bowl lids being cracked? I have had at least 1-2 from every show where the lid is cracked. I wonder if it is the cold weather here (which it shouldn't be) or there is just a defective bunch? Anyone else had...
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    Stoneware Heart Mold

    Thank you for letting me know. I started selling in 2006 and I didn't have any of these. She only wants one to fill her collection so I guess if someone has any of the three she doesn't have, let me know. THank you. Brenda K.