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    Host Coaching Absentee Host

    Hey all, I have a show scheduled for this Friday . . . I think!! She is a contact I have from a fair I did at our mall in October. I set the date with her back at the beginning of November & told her I would mail her the host packet--why, oh why, did I not ask if I could BRING it over?! I...
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    Crowd Control?

    Magic Word Game I discovered a really great way to reign in talking guests at my last show--pretty much by accident! At the last minute, I decided to use a Magic Word Game because I felt the games I had planned might be too long to use both. The Magic Word was Chocolate because we were making...
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    Pampered Chef Couples Kitchen Show

    Great Race Couple Show I was looking for ideas for a couples show a few months ago & came across some ideas for a Great Race show, & everything was put together--instructions for the host, instructions for the guests at the party, broken down into shorter instructions & each placed in an...
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    Need a dessert recipe idea

    Yummy, warm, chocolate cake I have had GREAT success with the Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake--it's warm, elegant looking & very delicious! If you have the family-sized skillet, I think it will be a big hit for you.
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    Healthy recipes?

    Light recipes In the Season's Best, there are recipes labeled "Light." The nutrition information is always listed too, so you can look for specific things.
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    Host Coaching Question About guest special

    Ha, Vicki, I saw your question & thought, "wow, that's the question I was just asking!" Didn't realize until I got into this thread to find the answer that you were the one who put it on here! Thanks for checking for me. :)
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    Theme Show New and Need Christmas Show ideas!

    Holiday ideas I actually got on to see if I could find any holiday-theme ideas too. This is my first Christmas for doing shows, so my few ideas are not tested! I am planning to do a cookie swap with one show. My host is going to ask her guests to bring 6 baggies with 6 cookies each, & each...
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    Bookings Bookings leads from Bazaars-some ideas

    "Book a Show today" is a good idea I just did a booth at a craft fair at our mall last weekend (my first one). I think the grab bags might be worth a shot, but maybe someone else with more experience could tell you about that. I do think the sign "Book a show today & get a free (whatever)" is...
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    Bookings Door Prizes?

    Great advice! Thanks, Rita, for that advice. I tend to do exactly what you advised not to--that is, I read through this board & think, "oh wow, lots of great ideas!" & I try to do them all!! Definitely take that advice, Lisa! Even some of the newer consultants seem to have lots of great...
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    Bookings Need 1st Show Recipes

    Recipe to try Hey, I'm fairly new myself. When you get your starter kit (I hope you'll be getting it soon!), it will be suggested to try the Garden Ranch Pizza--everything you need to make it is in your starter kit, & there are detailed instructions for how best to present each tool in your...
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    Bookings Hi everyone, I am debating whether I should sign up for my own

    Website I'm still pretty new at this, but I think you could still have the website without a computer. You'll need to spend a little time on it initially to put everything you want on it, but it doesn't need to be checked every day. Then you'll want to change it every so often to reflect the...
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    Tips and More tips

    That sounds fun, & different! Can't wait to hear how your show goes!
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    Bookings Ok i called some of the names i got at the fair this weekend and i got

    Any advice Monica, & any others who have done booths at fairs & such, Can you give some advice on your plan of action at the fair? I'm doing a booth at our local mall's craft fair at the end of October with another consultant, & neither of us has ever done a booth before. What worked & what...
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    Sales [COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I just set up my website yestderday,

    I'm in my second SS month now, & I got a website in Sept. When my sister did a catalog show for me last month, we sent out an e-mail to all of our far-away friends & relatives, & got two web orders from relatives in CA (my sister is in NJ, I live in VA). Pretty cool! Mainly, though, the most...
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    Bookings Referral Cards--do they work?

    Hi, this is the first thread I've started, & actually the first day I've ever posted on this site, but I've been reading it since my recruiter recommended it to me. I have enjoyed all the input I've read, so I thought I'd ask a question of my own. Does anyone use referral cards? I thought I...
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    I'm In Love with the UPS Man

    I'm in love with the UPS guy too! Holy cow, you guys are so funny. I SO thought I was the only one who was developing a crush on my UPS guy--it's like classic conditioning for sure--bring me all these great Pampered Chef deliveries, & I'm sure to fall in love with you!! I just finished my...